4 Ways to Tell if She’s Just Not Into You

Many of us have seen the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, and witnessed the red flags in men and dating. But why don’t we take a look at a woman’s side of this scenario? Relationships start out with the dating trials, which almost serve as tiny tests to see if you pass go or not. There are numerous occasions when the man falls head over heels at the first sight of a woman and starts to think that there may be an entire future ahead of them.

Men do their own processing of the initial situation when they have met a great woman with romantic and marriage potential. They may immediately begin thinking of where they will go for the holidays, what to do on their six month anniversary or even think about what their kid’s names might be. Believe it or not; it does occur with some men when they have rose colored glasses on and are in a state of love and lust. Relationships may come and go, but when you are clueless in the dating period, it is a smart idea to look out for red flags in dating from both sides. While the man may be in the ‘love zone’ the woman might not even be close. There are some sure ways to know how she’s just not into you.

1. She Comes in a Duo

If your love interest tends to always bring a friend along when you arrange to meet up, this may be a relationship red flag that she’s keeping a barrier between you. This might be a situation where she may like you, but she might not be interested in you as anything more than that. A relationship cannot really begin and closeness cannot be achieved if someone else is chattering away along with you and your date. It does not provide any time for both parties to get to know each other on a more intimate level. Watch out for this type of situation and proceed with caution.

2. This Guy and That Guy

If you find that your date is constantly referring to other men and they are not unattainable celebrities like Eric Bana, Gerald Butler or Brad Pitt, you may want to keep your eyes and ears wide open. You my friend may have been put in the box called the “male friend box.” This is not a good place to start with and ultimately doesn’t go any further. If there are constant mentions of this guy she met the other day and that guy she saw on the street at lunch, think again about this woman. She is just not into you. She’s on the lookout for an improved grade-A package. The only exception to this red flag rule is if she talks about her cousin or brother. But if she constantly talks about even them, she doesn’t have you on her mind and probably doesn’t have you in her future thoughts.

3. Non-Existent Body Language and Touch

Usually when a couple has an interest in each other and is attracted to each other there is body language all over the place. There are arm brushes, hand touches, pats on the thighs and so forth. Also, body language includes legs turned towards each other, sitting close and dedicated eye contact. If it seems she has put the previous Berlin Wall between you, you might re-think this woman as your future wife. She’s just not into you.

4. No Call Backs

If you have called once or a few times and you haven’t heard a peep, this is a number one sign she’s just not into you. If a woman is interested they will want communication and follow up contact. If you feel you are talking to a machine more than your lady friend it is a red flag smack dab in your face. Move on and find a woman that can dedicate her time to getting to know all of you.

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