Money Matters: Create a Work-Life Balance

Corinne from Valley Center, California writes:

We have been working tirelessly in our avocado oil business since 2006, as well as our newly established olive pressing business. My husband has been working the family business exclusively and I help nearly every hour I’m not working as a consultant. I’m exhausted, frustrated and wondering when or if this is going to pay off, or whether it will ever replace my income?

I’ve heard many times that our personal business is going to be a huge success, but the journey to get there has been so exhausting that I haven’t been able to enjoy it. We have my mom, uncle and friends are involved. I feel very good about our soaper but unsure about our sales person. My husband and I haven’t drawn a salary yet; should we keep pushing or toss it in? If so, in what direction: food oils, body products, dog products? I’m ready to throw in the towel on the food, as people really don’t care about the quality we produce. I’d really like some guidance! Whew!

Psychic Anya Dawn ext. 9179 Responds:

Finding the time to treat yourself fairly is vital for you to go on. Yes, you are planning various experiments that are slowly growing roots. But somehow the force that drives you does not have enough fuel for your requirements. Allowing the need to dream about rewards in the future—feels great. Why not learn to feel good as you find your way?

How will you learn to slow down to hand others the reins? If your production increased tenfold, your personal input would increase exponentially. So you see much of the problem lies not in the business, but in your own personality. Others allow you to pick up the problematic pieces while they do most of the things you want to do once you become “a huge success.”

Start by removing six hours a week from the avocado business and reinvesting it in you. This will not in any way alter the course of the company. Don’t discuss this move with anyone—just do it. You need to put out less and let everyone else to do more. Even though you do not look to benefit yourself, you concentrate on holding everything together.

Select a starting and ending point for each day. Then look at the division of labor for all of the people involved. Do not overstep your boundaries by doing work designated for other people. They know if they put off their duties, you will heroically do them. Most people will not have your driving force to stay with the task at hand. That is okay. They will get to it sooner or later, you need not worry that it ends up being later!

Please realize your dissatisfaction is not coming from slow profits, your salesperson, or your type of product line. All of these are fine. It is happening from wanting other aspects of your life to be different. If you had phenomenal success in the present moment, it would not give you what is dear in your heart and mind.

The life you attach importance to would not be here if success did soon appear. So ironically, your main conflict of interest is with your own set of preferences. Thinking that financial leisure would make your entire ensemble function together is a misconception. The desire to increase closeness is not possible with increased output on your part. This is where your frustration and exhaustion is coming from.

What do you want to have in your life? Please remember all aspects of your life are also your creations too. Desiring large scale business success and happiness in your personal life can occur at your current functioning rate. You are not willing to have actions that could compromise all the reasons you worked so hard to maintain this business.

In all, you have aspired to tremendous dreams that should make you proud. Your production will slowly grow and in about three years you will be able to stop outside consultations—if you completely pull back now from working so hard. Focus on the lightheartedness and awe of what you are achieving. This will also generate more understanding in dealing with everyone. Seeing the beauty around you will give you the reprieve and the complete reward you are truly seeking.

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