The Power of Womanly Wiles

Ah, the mystical power of the female over man. This strategy has been around since the time of Adam and Eve, when Eve convinced Adam to take a bite of the apple. The Greeks accorded this power to a group of women, the Sirens, who seduced sailors with their siren call and lured them to their deaths in the ocean. Many an author and poet have found feminine deceit their favorite theme. Some vestiges of these ensnaring abilities still reside in most women today in a far less dramatic form.

The very nature of men and women accounts for the success of feminine wiles – men tend to be easier to read, simpler in their machinations, and very physical by nature. Women on the other hand tend to be more complex, analytical, and more emotional. These differences set the stage for a very specific kind of dance between members of the two genders. Whereas men may simply need food, shelter, and a woman to sleep with, women want security, protection and admiration – and therein lies the great distinction and the basis for the game.

How It All Plays Out

Take any environment in our modern society – a bar with a woman looking for a guy to buy her a drink, a car garage with a female looking to get a deal on her car maintenance, a woman trying to convince a cop to not give her a ticket for speeding. These are some typical ways women might use their, ahem, feminine charms to get what they want. Women can be more mysterious and strategic by nature, and men fall for this ploy hook, line and sinker. Almost every woman has this power within her, although she may not always be aware she is using it. Women have learned at an early age that a coy, little smile can get her something she wants.

This method of female persuasion might be viewed as a sweet way to obtain what you want, unless, perhaps, it is used cruelly. Some women have perfected this art and use it like a well-honed weapon. It is one thing to flirt your way to a free drink at a bar when you have no intention of giving a guy your number, and entirely different when your teasing seductions have him cleaning out his bank account to please you with gifts, only to drop him flat on his face when he can’t afford to support your champagne tastes any longer.

Fortunately, most women have a compassionate nature along with their art of female persuasion, and while their flirting and smiles may make everyday life a little easier for them, most women have personal boundaries they wouldn’t overstep just to get something they wanted. In this regard, feminine wiles can actually be an empowering art, influencing people in charming ways that leaves both parties satisfied.

It’s All in the Technique

For those women out there who may not feel that their feminine wiles are in full throttle, there are some simple techniques that engage your feminine power which men readily react to. These are things like a warm smile, good manners, a gentle voice, maybe even light touches to his arm to accent your voice. Being confident, passionate, and witty in the way you speak to him will definitely charm any man. This is, in essence, Flirting 101. But some women really aren’t aware of their own female power – just as other women exploit it to the fullest extent.

Both men and women have their own type of power, which they use every day in their lives to reach their goals, however large or small they may be. The power of feminine wiles might be the best ace up a woman’s sleeve, just as a man’s may be his strength and ability and how he flaunts it before women. A confident woman is aware of her feminine powers and uses them in a charming manner to get what she wants, all the while making the man feel appreciated and desirable. Knowing how important the male ego plays in the typical male’s sense of self-worth, makes this, perhaps, a pretty fair trade after all!

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One thought on “The Power of Womanly Wiles

  1. erin

    thats not true not all wemon are atractive enough to have that gift men only fall for that if the women has that hott striper play boy look men are very shallow! in fact I’v tryed that on my boy friend and it dont work but when the women next door ask to barrow 20 dollars and used it on him it worked and my boy friend never gives up his gass money!!!!!!!


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