The Other Men in My Life

Can Reconnecting With an Ex Rejuvenate Your Current Relationship?

Life and its myriad relationships require a delicate balance, which depends upon what works for you individually and as a couple. If both people are secure in the relationship, it can actually be healthy to interact with members of the opposite sex, even certain exes. Here’s why.

Bringing Strength to Your Marriage

Receiving appreciation from the opposite sex will always boost your self-confidence, and light, harmless flirting can actually keep that sexy kick in your relationship or marriage. When you feel stronger as a person, you’re able to bring that strength and self-confidence into the relationship. The stronger the partners are individually, generally the stronger the relationship is. As long as you and the exes you choose to continue interacting with are on the same page, as in mutually disinterested in ever starting something up again, reconnecting with old flames can be a way to reconnect to who you were while appreciating who you are (and who you are with) now. Healthy reminiscing, though, is not to be confused with trying to grasp at or recreate the past!

Recalibrating Perspective

Reminiscing with an old flame when your intentions are nostalgic, not sexual, can be a healthy way to receive validation outside of your relationship without feeling guilty or dirty about it. If it adds a bit of sparkle to your current relationship, it can be a very good thing! This can work well as long as both you and your ex are clear on the intention of your interactions (i.e., no lingering attractions), and you are honest with your current partner. If, however, your mate feels uncomfortable about these connections, or you feel the need to hide them, then this behavior is probably causing damage to your relationship.

What Works for Some…

…may not work for others, so give this method some serious thought. Both partners have to be secure in the relationship, clear lines need to be drawn with any exes, and you need to be aware of your partner’s comfort levels with all of this. So long as these needs are met, you may find this approach to be surprisingly rejuvenating to your current relationship.

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3 thoughts on “The Other Men in My Life

  1. marc from the uk

    I am very fortunate that I get on well with my ex wife, there where times though when our relationship was volatile and awful all round, I am pleased we managed to stay friendly but it was difficult at times and we both realise there are buondries even at times if one or the other is feeling distressed over an issue or situation that you cannot over step the emotional barrier and offer physical comfort or too much emotional support although your feelings may be that you should, treat them as a employee or stranger and yuo are within the right guidelines.


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