Your Soulmate Forecast for Fall 2012

Will the Season of Change Transform You?

The Fall Equinox is nearly upon us, bringing with it the energy of transformation. But do cooler temperatures necessitate a chilly love life? Here’s your soulmate forecast for September, October and November 2012! Get a detailed fall forecast with astrologer Psychic Shauna ext. 9010.


From September 7 through October 3, the planet of love traverses your romance sector, enhancing your charisma and attracting potential paramours. Come late November, Venus reminds you that in real love, surface gestures don’t cut it. Meanwhile, Uranus urges you to expect the unexpected. 


With Saturn entering your relationship sector in October, all things love-related come into focus. If you’re single, you feel a pull toward commitment. If you’re coupled, your relationship may be tested. If it’s not solid, it won’t last. If it is, you’ll be even closer when all is said and done.


The second half of 2012 has already been auspicious for you in the love department, twins! With Mars energizing your love life from early October to mid-November and Venus on your side after that, things only get better this fall. Don’t be averse to differences of opinions. Exerting your ego will not serve you.


Your sex life gets a boost from Mars in September and the connection that results deepens your relationship starting in late November. All energies encourage a fun-loving, light-hearted approach, particularly in early October. Things slow down around the 28th when your natural nesting and nurturing tendencies are highlighted.


You are hot, hot, hot as September starts up, Leo, and the appeal won’t be waning anytime soon. With Mars enhancing romance in October, you’re driven to follow your passion… and determined to get what (or whom) you want. The odds of success are in your favor. Not feeling so hot? Talk with Psychic Phillip ext. 9485 to see what’s blocking you.


You’re getting clearer on what you want now, Virgo, and there is a high likelihood that relationships begun in September and October will bear fruit. This is particularly thanks to Venus traversing your sign from October 4 through 28. You won’t have to do much to attract partners; the trick will be in vetting them.


Romantic love isn’t highlighted for you until Venus enters your sign on October 28. Before that, focus on readying yourself. Become the person you want to attract… it’ll make things a lot easier come time to choose.


Early September finds you sexually irresistible. Whatever you want, it’s yours. It’s not until late November that Venus enters your sign, improving your likelihood for lasting love. In the meantime, enjoy your own magnetism!


Your horizons are expanding Sag. From seeking shared interests with a partner in September to craving a sense of belonging or communion in October, it’s a relationship of real meaning that you crave, and the chances of getting it are good. Just don’t forget to have fun!


A long period of personal transformation has left you dissatisfied with casual relationships. That said, your focus has been on you and that has made you difficult to deal with. After November 16, that changes, giving you a winter to look forward to in the romance department!


September and October bode well for a close relationship. It’s as if you and your paramour are on the same page; affectionate and amorous, particularly in love. Feed it. Savor it. Wherever it’s going (only time will tell), enjoy the ride!


Love has not been the focus this year, fishes. And that’s okay. It’s good, in fact. You’ve strengthened your skills in so many other areas it’ll be much easier to navigate when the time is right. That all said, early September does give you a certain magnetism. Jump on it!

34 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Forecast for Fall 2012

  1. Bob Hughes

    It is difficult for me to trust your reading when your material is dated. See below.


    Romantic love isn’t highlighted for you until Venus enters your sign on October 28. Before that, focus on readying yourself. Become the person you want to attract… it’ll make things a lot easier come time to choose.

  2. Brian Benson

    i don’t know how this will work since i am a gay nearly 20-year old man and cannot seem to be able to find a man that will not break my heart. plus my celtic zociac signs are the wolf and the reed.


    i’m not yet married with the father of my children, is he the one to be my soulmate in the future or another man?

  4. eDgy

    Hmmm, do people realise that asking those “questions” will result in nothing but an offer of service with a price?

    C’mon people! I know how you feel but really. Give life a chance and raise your connection to your spirituality. If they tell you yes… it could go all up to your head and you would change your perspective and possibly the amount of effort your willing to give.

    If you want that relationship to last, then give it your all.

    Changing oneself could result in a 1 degree change in your path. So in the long run you’ll be much further away than your initial path. (Be it good or not)

    So stop worrying and love! 😀

    Also we want to know the answers of those questions because we are afraid of being hurt and being alone. We must accept that sometimes we go through certain experiences to learn because there’s another plan for us ahead.

  5. shelly yates

    I met someone I connected with right away, he felt the same, then he was told something untrue and it has been a year since our last date. I can not seem to get him off of my mind, any chance?

  6. Looking

    Will I find that someone? I have been without a relationship for many years now, where I call a man my boyfriend. I so desperately want love.

  7. linda

    I would like to know am i truly in a solid relationship with the man i’ve been dating for 5yrs. he has been wanting me to marry him for the last 4 years and i would to but sometimes i feel so disappointed in his behavior. Is it me or , can you know for sure we are meant to be togather. My birthday is 4-13-57 his is 1-16-59. At this time am seeing a councelor and she feels i need to lose his but she havent herd the positive things about him that keeps us wanting to be together because he say he love me enough to marry me as we speak but its me i am scarm to commit with him because i dont want to be wrong about what i though we have together please help me know the truth once and for all . Do he really love me cause I love him so is it sincere coming from his or should we need to just let it go?

  8. mc84

    I feel like my husband is connecting with another or other’s over the web but I love him and I tell my self am just tripping but am I ??

  9. neha

    am i on the right path of love?he is only the love of my life?we will get married in future or not?we will have long lasting relationship with each other???
    please reply for the same asap.

  10. Helene

    Have been on and off with the man of my dreams for 6 years. I’m moving out of CA to UT so he can move on. Its not that easy for me tho. Will I love again? Or am I going to wish for the rest of my life things were different?

  11. Cy

    Will I meet my sole mate this fall into winter? I really would like to meet somone who is interested in me and not a 3 some. I am looking for a great man interested in me or who I am. Just broke off 6 year relationship was interested in marriage no marriage.

  12. Jacqueline Armitage

    Tho my husband and i have been on the outs fOr nearly 2 months after twelve years 8 of which we’ve been married, is it Possible to still be soulmate? And will we find our way back to each other? August 18, 1961 @ 10:45 Pm

  13. Ellen

    i’m in love with a guy i met on he’s gorgous and he’s what i’m looking for in a man and he’s in love with me to. is he the guy for me?

  14. reshma

    how will be my future?
    whether i will clear my professional exam?
    will i become permanent in this job presently am doing?
    when i will get married?

  15. peter battoglia

    iam dating a leo but she is quiet where i work there is a lady ive known for 5 years i think she likes me when i first met her i asked her outshe said no i work two jobs plus i help my sister with house work i dont have any timefor dating now all of a sudden when she found out i was dating a lady she got interested ia dont no what to do

  16. Susan John

    I am 50 yrs old & single (divorced ) . I want to get re-married. And,want to find my soulmate & the love of my life. I am with several dating agencies online. But, haven’t found anyone who is compatible to me & to my needs yet. What are my chances? Many Thanks. – Susan John.

  17. kathy

    been playing hit snd miss all summer,,did remember bithday with a call and a card..been informed he has to go away for almost 6 weeks od training .. there will be communication since he be in connecticut snd i here in sc. limited to a 20 minute phone visitors

    we have known each other ince march.1969 and lost each other got 40 years til we found each other agan


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