The Look of Love: Four Strategies for Getting the Love You Deserve

Go Out and Get Love!

TeriLynn Ext. 9625: The Different Types of Love

Love comes though many sources, and it will and does create changes throughout your life. Each change is a lesson to enrich your knowledge of what love feels, tastes, senses, and what “its” demands are.

“It” was the love from different sources, such as several men. One was love. Another was “in” love and another was my family and their expression of love. Sisters who were friendship love, and a very important “it” were my animals and their it “love.”

Then there is the love of humanity, knowing we are all together though the gift of “love and life,” also, love the “it” in music, knowledge, books, and metaphysical teachings.

“It” has allowed me to recognize that love comes in so many different ways, and this has given me peace in accepting “love” through whenever, or who ever as “it” comes my way!

Psychic Stevie Ext. 5778: Attract/Manifest Love

“Visualize, let go and allow the Universe to manifest.” My best friend, who is a high profile psychic, did this years ago. But I will admit I tend to forget it myself and have other readers at California Psychics reminding me of this method.

1. Sit quietly for 5 minutes with your eyes closed.

2. Visualize you and this person together in a white bubble.

3. Make the picture in your mind large and real. Feel the sensation of touching them.

4. You will then find your heart chakra spinning or feel warmth in your heart area. Know that you have sent a clear and positive request to the universe.

5. Now let go of the outcome and trust the universe. The more you allow negative energy while you are waiting for this to manifest you could be creating obstacles to delay things.

I find it actually works. The hard part is releasing the expectations you have of HOW you think it will happen. Release the control and trust. It comes to you in the perfect way, but not always the way you think it may happen.

Psychic Reed ext. 5105: How Do You Need to Be Loved?

I was talking with my spirit guides one day. I said, “Why doesn’t my family hug more often? When you love someone, that’s what you do, you hug them.”

One of my guides answered, “To be accurate, you should say, ‘When I, Reed, love someone, I show it by hugging them. Why isn’t everyone just like me?’ When you word the question accurately, you have your answer.”

That’s the day that I learned that we all express love differently. I hug, but someone else might cook food, ask how my day was, wink, give me some alone time, or take out the trash for me. I have since learned to appreciate many different things as expressions of love. When you learn this, you find love everywhere.

6 thoughts on “The Look of Love: Four Strategies for Getting the Love You Deserve

  1. Sherri

    Im tryin to move on but I can’t and I think I got someone who likes me and he cyts hair should I leave him along or should I stay.

  2. Maria da Graça Muñoz

    I’m fallen in love with a canadian man. He is separeted, bu he is living for while in the sam house with ex-wife and his kids. He is very dedicated father, and we are deeping in more than just say I love you to each other. We are sharing tears, emontios , questions and wnt te same road togethe. I will do all that I must do to move land and heaven to go to Canada.Love him so so much and can see in his eyes the same feeling.

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  4. ellensutherland

    I;m in love with a man so long now and its hard to be together because he has a woman too
    I will like to say if he loves me or cares …I LOVE HIM so much


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