Your Mercury Horoscope for May 2013

Mercury’s Influence: The Tortoise and the Hare

With Mercury split evenly between plodding Taurus (May 1 – 15) and quick-thinking Gemini (May 15 – 31), this month takes on a certain duality when it comes to communication.

Read on to find out how Mercury impacts you this May!


The first half of this month offers you an opportunity to see your plans through. It’s hard work, but luckily, you’ll benefit from the mental energy boost brought on when Mercury enters the sign of the twins mid-month.

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Take a full-person approach to perception this month. Translation? Harness all six senses when making decisions. If something doesn’t smell right, it probably isn’t! You may feel a little winded come mid-month. Try to relax.


If you start off the month frustrated by the slow pace of things, don’t worry. When Mercury enters your sign on the 15th, it’s full speed ahead. Your powers of perception are heightened and your wit is on full display. Enjoy!


The first half of May has you seeking concrete answers. Thank Mercury in Taurus. Fortunately, the odds are good you’ll get them. Wait until the winged one enters Gemini to act on whatever it is you learn.


You’re bored by the practicalities that face you in early May, Leo. However, these real-world details are necessary if your big picture plans are to take shape. Pay attention to these same details later, as Gemini in Mercury sometimes encourages skipping the small stuff. You can’t afford to do that.


Productivity is at an all-time high from the 1st to the 15th, when Mercury visits fellow Earth Sign, Taurus. You will benefit from a smoother, sweeter communication style. Use that charm to make progress with everyone around you.


There’s something pleasing to you about the general feeling early in the month. It’s the sensual beauty of Taurus speaking to you. Relish in it—and seize the influence to communicate what you need to in a way that will please everyone.


A boost of energy comes to you by way of Mercury in your opposite sign. You find yourself feeling as if you’re finally being heard. This opens up room for your wit to shine later in the month, when Gemini’s Mercury imbues you with charm.


Watch your tongue in early May, Sag., as Mercury in Taurus only emphasizes your “tell it like it is” attitude. It’s great to be honest, but being blunt, however, can have repercussions. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little detached after the 15th.


It’s time to cash in on all that networking and take positive, practical steps towards implementing your plans. Gemini in Taurus favors business deals for you, goat. Go get ‘em! Be sure to sign any contracts before the 15th or after the 31st.


Mercury in Taurus grounds you this month, Aquarius. Odds are you’ll stay put, both literally and figuratively. And good thing too! When Gemini takes over, you may find yourself in the middle of a whirlwind, unsure which way to turn. The good news is, you don’t have to choose. Want to know more about which way you’ll go? Get a detailed astrology forecast from Psychic Joyce ext. 9598.


You may be feeling like a visionary in the first half of the month, fishes. The problem is your idea might not be rooted in reality. Unfortunately, Mercury in Gemini won’t clarify matters. However, it will give you both sides of the coin. Need clarity? Try an astrology reading from Psychic Kavita ext. 5757 to get the details to clarify matters.

8 thoughts on “Your Mercury Horoscope for May 2013

  1. stephen

    kristin, i am in a similar situation with money. If i were you i would use my skills in wiccan, not to harm, but to remind. Place a gentle reminder in her sleep. Give that message one week. Good luck Kristin and try not to be so generous with money you don’t have,…Steve

  2. avril minott

    I haven’t seen him since my dtr moved in middle to late March 2013–we had a relationship since 2005. First of all does he love me and will he be back?

  3. Kristen Coffin-Greener

    The comment for my May horoscope seems dead on. I feel like I am stuck in one place without moving forward or back. I hope I just can maintain the middle with all that is going on in my life. I hope when Gimini moves in and the whirlwind moves in I’ll be lucky to survive it or someone will be lucky to survive it. I pray to the Goddess that nothing bad happens to me or my loved ones and that includes those I feel are as close to me as family. I don’t have many family members who care for me much so my family consists of others. I love them like I would if I had a family who was worth a shit. That is what we’ll say. And if the whirlwind is not survivable the so be it. Thanks for the horoscope.

  4. Kristen Coffin-Greener

    Greetings Fellow Followers Of The Path,
    As you know I’m Kristen, I’m 40, on Social Security since age 21, and went out of my way for a person with a three year old son whom I thought was a friend. I took out a $425.00 payday loan out for my girlfriend so her son would have a roof over his head and instead of even attempting to pay me back any small amount of money for this loan which accrues 60% interest per day, she has failed to return my emails and phone calls and text messages. Now I have a witness to all of this and I can take her trust fund to court but it’ll take several months to see any of the benefits of a court case be it a win or loss situation. Anyway ladies or gentlemen, I want to kill her and take her son away from her but that is out of the question and I enjoy my freedom too much. But what do I do? I can pay the $108.00 for the rest of my days every two weeks which takes nothing off the principle and just takes the fees. I have nothing coming in after the third of the month. I pay my sister $700.00 to live here, and only bring in $928.00 and $149.00 comes out for the direct tv bill and $35.81 comes out for my internet. Now I’m willing to cancel the Direct TV but the internet is all I have to make life a bit more interesting. I won’t give it up and it’s my bill so I’ll cancel the cable. Now I’m going to have to figure out how much I can cut off my sisters take so that gives me a little more money and I’ll be able to give them more money next month. Now one of my neighbors owes me $500.00 and if he pays me back in June or July I’ll be able to pay the whole amount but until its paid off it’ll ride me like a show pony until such a time as I no longer owe them anything. That however is a few months in the future. Now one friend owes me $100.00 and plans on paying me $30.00 for the loan which is like 10% interest but I feel like a loan shark charging people I know interest. If anyone owes me money ever again I’ll never let it go like I have. I am so sorry I just needed to vent I don’t expect to hear from you but I think I’ve looked into the situation everywhich way and can’t see my way clear of it. I’m truly rattled. I think what my girlfriend did is evil incarnate. I am a practicing Wiccan and know how to take care of money situations but I’m afraid of bad karma and I don’t want to do anything bad to anybody ever. The only reason I’m in my current situation is because I tried to help a supposed friend. Getting fucked in the ass without lube didn’t cross my mind as long as her three year old had a place to sleep. So here I am and I hope I don’t get in trouble for swearing but I just can’t describe it any other way. So good morning and good day. I almost hope you respond because I’d love to hear what you think, I’m just not going to get my hopes up and expect anything from anyone anymore. Isn’t that kind of sad. I think it really is. So like I said previously Good morning and good day. Thank you so much for listening. Kristen Coffin-Greener.


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