The 5 Best Places to Be Single

Being single is a time for self-exploration, a time to have new experiences, to live it up and become the person we’re meant to be. What better way to do that than by living in a city filled with interesting people, with no shortage of things to do!

Here are the top five cities for singles in America:

New York

Even though we’ve all heard the rumors about how there are so many more educated, successful women than men in New York, the nightlife and opportunities to be social in the Big Apple are simply unparalleled. You can meet people on the train, at happy hours, or even at the ubiquitous brunches everyone in New York seems to partake in on the weekends. The big name restaurants and small ethnic food hole-in-the-walls are equally delicious; the energy of the city will inspire and encourage you to shine; and the museums and shopping are world-renowned. Not to mention that New York has the largest online dating scene in America, with 8% of all members based in New York. Besides, while many people do have families in the city, pushing a stroller on the subway can seem a bit daunting. So take full advantage of the city that never sleeps while you can.


Ah, cozy, rainy Seattle. Even though you’ll want to be inside during the winter with a steaming cup of coffee, luckily there are coffee shops on every corner to mingle and stay warm in. And in the summers, when it stays light outside until 10:00 at night, you can enjoy the lush greenness of the Emerald City and go hiking, biking, or take one of the many ferries. Seattle is also very environmentally conscious, and allows for a healthy lifestyle and peaceful state of mind. In addition, Seattle is 20% less expensive to live in than New York; the ratio of men to women is equal; and the bakeries and restaurants are to die for. Weekend trips to Vancouver or Portland are easily do-able, and your first cup of real Seattle coffee just might spoil you for life.


With the cost of living in Boston less than either New York or Seattle, your paycheck will go much further, and you’ll be able to splurge on the abundant entertainment options available. A sports-lover’s heaven, Boston has a number of teams to root for and sports bars to watch games in. Also an education hub, Boston attracts smart, career minded people, and boasts a single population of 33%. Not too shabby.

New Orleans

In laid-back, friendly New Orleans, numerous bars and cocktail hours make for ample opportunities to meet a nice, Southern gentleman. The music scene is legendary, with musicians taking up shop on every corner in the French Quarter to move you and brighten up your day. With the gentle Southern breeze rippling through your hair and the signature mint julep in hand, you’ll have the chance to eat oysters and Cajun food by day and then dance them off at any one of the many live NOLA performances at night.


A live music lover’s paradise, Austin has over 200 music venues alone. There are slightly more men than women in Austin, 35% of the population is single, and the cost of living is 47% below New York’s. With a below-average unemployment rate, a population rumored to be smart, friendly and athletic, and scrumptious Tex-Mex and barbecue to be enjoyed, Austin rounds out our top 5 cities for singles list.

While where we live can definitely play a role in our overall level of satisfaction with our lives, we must remember that true happiness comes from within. Moving to a new city won’t necessarily solve all our problems or make us any happier. Like the saying goes, “Wherever you go, there you are.” Basing our happiness on our surroundings puts the responsibility on an external factor, whereas if we’re happy internally, we can remain grounded and at peace wherever we happen to live. We can be happy anywhere!

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