Tarot: The Lovers in Your Life

More Than Romance

The sixth card of the Major Arcana depicts a man and a woman known as The Lovers. A god-like or spiritual adviser presides over them, acknowledging their union. While one might think that the appearance of this card in a reading suggests the blessing of a relationship (or at the very least, issues related to love and romance) the card is actually so much more, and so much more complicated. There is a duality implied by The Lovers, or in other words, the partners depicted may be you and your mate, or they may symbolize the two sides present in each and every one of us. Oftentimes, it’s both. What do your two sides have to say about you? Find out in a reading with Psychic Justine ext. 5402.

All love, self or partnered, requires acceptance. Its experience resides on the physical plane (sex, companionship and presence in your own body) and the spiritual one (commitment, purpose and intimacy). We seek a multifaceted and deep bond with our partners and naturally, this requires truly knowing ourselves first. With that in mind, consider that the man in the card looks not above, at his “god” but to the woman, who gazes upward at the divine being gazing over them. As such, the man represents the conscious mind.

The woman, conversely, stands for the unconscious, or the bridge between this plane and the next. Through her gaze, he is able to experience heaven, while his presence at her side allows her to experience the earthly pleasures so vital to living. Both are naked and pure–an Adam and Eve of sorts–and thus present as their true selves. There are no masks. There is only truth.

“Truth and clarity bring peace and balance to your Life.” – Psychic Danni ext. 5193

Whether the card references a partnership or not, it requires compromise and honesty. It asks you to make a choice between a selfish (or otherwise unpure) existence and unconditional acceptance. It asks you to integrate all the sides of yourself, for the purposes of improving your relationships with your lover and/or yourself. And above all, it tells you to trust your instincts in matters of the heart. Learn to trust your instincts when it comes to your romantic relationships with tips from Psychic Violet ext. 9662.



4 thoughts on “Tarot: The Lovers in Your Life

  1. Elaine x

    The Lovers Card: Imagine: you are sitting at a desk by a window looking out over a wild and unkempt garden. Before you is a large leather bound book with gold letters on the front. The title is “Choices”. As you open the book you see the image on the first page is of two trees – one lush with fruit and the other with the most beautiful autumn coloured leaves that radiate a glow. A snake is coiled on the ground between them, asking you to choose between the trees: the fruits of knowledge or the beauty of the tree that glows with health and vitality. As you look more closely at the picture, you see the fruit is strong and sturdy with roots growing deep into the earth, the beautiful tree is more delicate and would bend with the breeze, creating a gentle rustling sound in its leaves. As you realise they represent masculine and feminine aspects, the dilemma becomes more difficult and the snake is urging you for an answer. You reach for some divine guidance – asking your higher self for the answer and you find by folding the centre of the page you bring the two halves together, so it appears as one tree.
    You look out of the window and now see a beautiful garden, with perfect balance of light and shade, and a pathway heading through it to open hills and mountains in the distance.

  2. Amanullah khan

    Thank you dear
    it is very urgent about my emotion love marriage future and own home business job and travel to europe
    i will be so thanks

  3. doris mersey

    so right on , listening to my inner thoughts ,honesty must be there at all times , but seems not to be now.

  4. Melania

    Your explanation about tarot card is multiple and beautiful at the same time …… what a pity that I can not trust my ex-boyfriend …. although he still call, and I admit that I think about it,but……..


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