Your 30-Day Money Horoscope for March 7 – April 7, 2013

Be Careful! Mercury is Still Retrograde.

Since Mercury is still retrograde until March 17, if possible, avoid buying electronics or big ticket items until after the 20th when Mercury will be in full forward motion. The same goes for signing contracts of any sort—jobs, loans, etc. Anything worth having is worth waiting for. But Mercury isn’t the only place to get a peek at your 30-day money horoscope—let’s tour the rest of the universe.

“Being honest with ourselves about our own relationship with money allows us to stand back and gain more clarity when it comes to money issues with our partner.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484


Your time for good fortune is at hand, and you can feel it. Between the time of the New Moon in Pisces on March 11 and the New Moon in your sign on April 10, you can literally turn ideas into monetary moments of clarity.


You, like Aries, have many financial opportunities on the horizon, and once Mercury moves forward again, your time is best spent finishing projects, socializing with groups (networking) and clearing the way for new financial opportunities to enter.


Since Mercury is your sign’s ruling planet, the end of its retrograde is a time to celebrate. The New Moon on March 11 falls in your career house, and this could translate into a promotion, a better-paying job or even going to back school to earn a degree (to make more money). Want more clarity on what’s going to happen with your job or job search? Talk with astrologer Psychic Kinsey ext. 5135 and find out today.


On March 12, Mars enters Aries, and you become a powerhouse. Your career is the key to taking the monetary turn your money horoscope could use. As more planets gather in your career house, you’ll spend a little but gain a lot.


When Mars moves into fellow fire sign Aries on March 12, you get to share in all the exhilarating energy. As other planets gather in Aries shortly after this date, you have the will and determination to make your dreams come true, including financial.


The March 27 Full Moon might remind you of the need to balance the books. But luckily with both Venus and Mars in Aries mid-March and joined exact on April 6, money comes from outside sources—a loan, a mortgage or your honey could get a raise enabling you to help others too—within limits.


When Mercury goes direct on March 17 it’s good news for everyone’s money horoscope, including yours. Even better is the Full Moon on March 27 in your sign, which will be at a hard angle to Pluto, but also a very beneficial angle to Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion and prosperity. Some endings are also new beginnings.


The New Moon of March 11 in Pisces is good for you water signs. On March 12 Mars enters Aries, who rules your house of everyday work. After Venus follows March 21, you’ll be busy creating wealth through travel, social networks or advertising.


The best bet to improving your money horoscope is to put your money on Venus’ transit of fellow fire sign Aries between March 21 and April 15 when your creativity will be at its peak, and the chance to cash in is likely, if you use it.


With the Piscean energy of March, you have probably been dreaming about a more financially sound future. With plenty of planetary action forming in fellow cardinal sign, Aries, beginning March 12, it’s time to put the plans into action.


The Pisces New Moon in your money house could bring opportunity to earn more money—a new job, a raise, a bonus and it’s all possible. If you’re in communications or publishing of any kind, you’ll love both the Venus transit of Aries starting March 21 and the Libra Full Moon on March 27.


With Venus, the New Moon and many others in your sign at the beginning of this money horoscope period, you’re attracting attention and money. After Venus moves into your financial house on April 21, joining Mars there for a while, your ability to increase your finances is excellent. Want the full details of your money horoscope? Talk with astrologer Psychic Kit ext. 5180 today!

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    To Cindy Evans: Neither man worth your time or effort to wait for them. As it seems, you are in a rut situation. Your husband will go back with his ex and the other one is perhaps married. He is not returning your calls or texts for a reason. Try not to fool yourself any longer! Pick up the pieces and move on! Life is too short to worry about unworthy men!

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    Hi,I am Cindy Evans,I really do not fully understand the readings about the signs.I had a reading & did not quite understand it,I really do not have the money for another one.I really would like to know if my husband is coming back home to me or if he is going back to his exwife,Also I would like to know about Charlie,he says he is in love with me,he went out of town to work,I have only heard from him one time,he never returns my phone calls or texts

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