Sweep Him Off His Feet

You have a great guy. Things are going well – so well that they’ve almost become routine. Want to turn the volume up on your relationship? Here’s four ways to bust out of the everyday:

1. Guy Time. Buy him tickets to an event, plan the entire thing, and give him the option of inviting his buddy instead of you. Why? Men need male bonding time, and a chance to blow off steam. You’ll show how secure you are in your relationship, that you are paying attention to his interests and appreciate all that he does for you.

2. Alone Time. Set up the kids with sleepovers or sleep-away camp. Making sure that you have some uninterrupted alone time shows that he comes first.

3. Lingerie. Indulge in “role-playing” lingerie. A naughty nurse who wants to take his temperature will find it’s your outfit that gives him fever. Take the lead, and your sexy attitude will make it impossible for him to keep his hands off of your uniform.

4. Home Cooking. If you aren’t much of a chef, you might want to take a cooking class together and wrap the goodies up for later. Cooking together can be tantalizing. Excite his senses, because experimenting in the kitchen together can lead to experiments elsewhere. Sneak the leftovers into his bag with a sexy note the next day to remind him of what a good time you had in order to keep the romance charged.

What are your favorite ways to impress your man?

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One thought on “Sweep Him Off His Feet

  1. chloechloe

    Hi Coleen,

    These are great ideas.

    These suggestions help you show your partner how much you appreciate them.

    One more thing I might add is don’t forget to flatter your man once and while.

    We ladies love to hear how beautiful, smart, funny, etc. we are, but sometimes we may forget that men need to hear these kind of things too.

    Love & Light!
    ~Chloe ext. 9421


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