How I Got Her to Stop Competing With the Other Woman

How I Got Her to Stop Competing With the Other Woman

How to Make the Other Woman Go Away

When “Heather” called me, she was really distraught. For the past year, “Jason,” the man she loved, was on and off with her and in the off times, he went back to his not-so-ex girlfriend. “Heather” felt she was competing with this other woman. Every time “Jason” came back, “Heather” felt she had to jump through hoops to be sexier, prettier, and more fun to be with then her arch rival. She spent time on social media trying to find out information about this other woman. Her life became consumed with this situation and she never had any peace.

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He Needed Closure

During our reading, I was able to calm her down and get her into a more spiritual frame of mind. My guides revealed that “Heather” should not get back together with “Jason” until he made a clean a permanent break from the other woman. I saw that he had never really gotten closure with the other woman and that he needed to do that. I told her to stop competing with the other woman.

An Aura Infused With Anger and Jealousy 

I revealed to “Heather” that “Jason” was coming back to her after this break and I was able to tell her when—during his birthday week. I was able to get her off this relationship roller coaster that was stressing her out so much—the high highs when she was winning, and the crashing lows when he went back to the other woman. I was able to make her see that first she needed to stop being threatened by the other woman and stop infusing her aura with anger and jealousy. “Jason” was being subconsciously repelled by her aura.

He Enjoyed the Drama 

When “Heather” called again several weeks later, she confided in me that it took several weeks for her to stop thinking about the other woman. I told her that “Jason” had been enjoying the drama and she needed to remove herself from the equation. I picked up that she needed to give “Jason” a chance to see what life would be like without her.

Birthday Prediction

Sure enough, the day before “Jason’s” birthday, “Heather” called me and told me that “Jason” had come back to her and was able to give her the proof that the breakup was real. He moved forward with the plans that they originally had to move 3000 miles away to the east coast and he never communicated with the other woman again. “Heather” and “Jason” have now made plans to be married and have moved into a brand new home together.

The Karmic Lesson 

“Heather” had to let “Jason” go in order to have a life with him. Fortunately, she was able to summon the strength she needed to listen to me and trust my advice. Because she followed it, she and “Jason” can look forward to a happy ending for their love story.

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