Speak Up: Remove Miserable People From Your Life

There are times in everyone’s life that they should step away from a negative influence. Many times that negativity is caused by the people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes it is a bad attitude and the always present gloom and doom that they are facing that slowly infects us. Other times it is the behavior of someone that directly effects our lives. If this is the case in your situation sometimes you just need to cut them loose as we see from Ak in Alabama!

Ak from Alabama asks:

My husband of 16 years cheated and lied to me and mismanaged about $300,000. His every statement is a lie, and he hasn’t been working for three years. I’m the income provider, and we have two kids. After gathering enough courage, I decided to move on. He has been controlling me all these years, and I finally told him on the phone. He doesn’t want to leave me and denies he did anything wrong. He blames me instead. I can’t live with him anymore. What can I do?

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Dear Ak,

I am not sure what you are asking me. You are saying that you told him on the phone, but I am not sure what you told him, so I am going to assume that you have left him. Based on what you are telling me, this was a good choice on your part.

See, it doesn’t really matter what he did or didn’t do. If you cannot live with him anymore and see no reason to continue, then I would highly suggest that you do move on. If he truly doesn’t work and just sits around expecting you to provide, then maybe he is merely chasing after you, because he feels his meal ticket is slipping away. Given that you do have two children though, you may want to think about marriage counseling before you file for divorce. If that is not even an option for you, then you must do what is best for you and your children. Get more personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Personally, I would not choose to stay with someone who keeps lying to me, has cheated on me and spent all my money. However, I am well aware that there are many other factors that may have played into the situation that I am missing here. Either way, try to learn from this experience by taking a look at your actions and what you could have done differently for yourself, so you don’t repeat the same pattern at a later point in your life. Even though the end of a marriage is painful, it is even more painful if we do not learn from our mistakes. Obviously, this goes for both parties. If he is still caught up in denying everything and blaming you for all that went wrong, then this would be more of an indicator for me regarding what’s to come. I tend to give people second chances, unless they are incapable of seeing their part in an issue and are finger-pointing, or placing blame on others.

You are still fairly young and have plenty of time to have a fulfilling and happy life. There is no need to waste time and space with someone who makes you miserable and is unwilling to work on making things better. If you cannot live with him anymore, then it may be time for a new start. Good luck!

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