Dating and How Karma Factors Into It

Kiss That Karmic Frog!

How long will the lifespan of a relationship last based on the karma we had with the person in past lives? Is it possible we make new karmic connections in this life?

These are questions that come up often in the love reading realm. Why is this person in my life? It is indeed karma. No matter your spiritual belief system, karma is a fact of life that in any religion or spiritual path you cannot step away from. Because we do not know what happened in our past lives, for the most part, we do not know whom we are connected to in this life until that person is presented.

Karma is the law of cause and effect. Everything we say, think and do is a cause. Every cause has an effect which turns into another cause. So we have the cycle of karma.

The “Kissing the Frog Syndrome”

Line up the frogs, kiss as many as you can and poof! The one you’re connected to turns into a prince. Now wouldn’t that be nice? This karmic energy of dating so many people is a lesson in discovering the kind of person you really want in your life. It could indicate that in past lives you were very private and did not have a socially active life. Here you are wanting a love, but do not know what you want your love to be like. Having a clear picture of the kind of person you want takes getting to know what you do not want as well, and this brings us to the “Kissing the Frog Syndrome.”

Love at First Sight

Love at first sight, holy cow, how wonderful and what good karma is this! To see the person and fall head over heels in love; it happens and is very interesting how fast this relationship can develop and then burn out or end up in a forever after story. When we meet a person and know that this is it, there is no doubt it can create interesting thoughts. At times, this karma is to finish an old relationship and often the “love at first sight” relationships end rapidly. Although the relationship might end, it still has value. In addition, when we talk about closures, this can be the last time these two people/spirits come together again, ending their karma together.


Introductions are not overrated at all and still one of the best ways to meet a love. When people are introduced, there is group karma involved. Perhaps the person introducing you was a former relative or good friend or even a lover in a past life. It is a sign that your circle of people is broad, and you are more than likely old souls.

Old Souls and New Souls

Being an old soul or a new soul has its advantages. Old souls come with wisdom, or have not learned lessons and are back to try again. New souls are fresh and seeking spirits that can be foolish but intriguing.

May all your dates help you to understand your karmic connection to love.

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6 thoughts on “Dating and How Karma Factors Into It

  1. -quinn ext. 5484

    hi all you lovely souls-mates,
    connections are so delicate and must be taken care of to make sure they last.
    whitney – some of us old souls are not so much slow learners but have such seeking spirits that we come back with a thirst to learn more – and really enjoy life with all its mysteries.
    hi mark – fate can be in the moment…
    sofia – that is a very hard question to answer without any info about you. im sure if you got a read from one our psychics you will find the answer to your question.
    robin – what a lovely story of soul-mating.
    ~~~metta waves~~~

  2. marc from the uk

    Well that explains a lot! thanks Psychic Quinn! I have often wondered though why you can be so in love and sure about someone then, bang, it goes wrong and your left in mourning, regardless who ended the relationship, why ? Why did it end when you were so sure about eachother, and felt it was fate?

    Discuss!!! lol

  3. Robin Bednarczyk

    My first love was a “love at first sight” and even though it ended as quickly as it began, we are still very close to this day. You could almost say he is my best friend. The moment he walked in the room, I could feel his “light”, and when I turned around and saw where that energy was coming from, I immediately fell in love. I think we are suppose to be a part of each others lives, maybe not as lovers, but he is and always be the person I call when I need a friend, or when I have exciting news, and thats how its been since we broke up 21 years ago. So even though romantic love may not work out for “love at first site” types, maybe the universe has other plans for people in that category. If you can push past the hurt from the breakup, better things may be in store for you and your “love at first site” love. Just stay positive, and don’t be cruel;)


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