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Astral travel has traditionally been defined as the ability to leave the body and travel to other dimensions or planes of reality. But how can it be achieved? We asked one of our psychics how… and the results were revealing:

“When you’re in a relaxed state and can focus on the energy of your body, that’s when you can start moving around without the body and use the focused energy to create a astral state, which is awareness of being out of the body and yet within the thoughts of Self and Energy Self,” explains TeriLynn ext. 9625.

What do you think – what exactly is astral travel? And how is it done?

13 thoughts on “Psychic Forum: Astral Travel

  1. Aissatou

    HI, let me tell you part of a VERY powerful OBE I had, and an itttrpreeanion though it is shall we say a living dynamic with mutiple perspectives. In order to get a context I will have to tell you I was a sex addict. Now I came out of the body, saw myself lying in bed with a male and female on either side of my body, They telepathically told me not to be afraid .They glide me down stairs (I will edit bits out here] I go into the lounge and meet what I think are people very close to me, one of them SUDDENLY and I mean that!! SUDDENLY goes down on me and begins persforming a very uncannily powerful fallatio on me and I freak out to the other person banging on the back of the person I think it is. Then after I am really freaking out the person sucking me off and the other person who had been sitting on a couch both stand up take off human-looking masks and they are Satyrs.SO other words this is not ONLY an OBE (not that OBEs are just OBEs’) this was showing me something VERY VERY dramatically and directly about my life, about the danger. So in that respect the whole thing about demons’ is that whether or not they exist or not to me is not the point, but to understand that these dimensions are full of loving deep meaning~~intelligence. The Pagans knew that the Cauldron of the Goddess, the Underworld or what ever you want to call it was a deeply healing place This experience changed my life and still has riddles I am learning as they unfold

  2. Raistlinxx

    Im 14-15 years old and i lived lots of bad things.When i was 9 i saw my mom was holding gun to my dad etc…My dad cheated my mom.Both of them hate me.I fail at school so bad.I dont have friends or girlffriend.I lived lots of bad things(i don want to write all of them there) i Forgot smiling.I wish i could forget everything.I wish i was dead.what should i do to be happy?Kill my dad?(I ******* HATE HIM)Kill my mom?Kill myself?Selling soul to satan(not joke)Using drugs?(So i can forget everything)Help me please i dont wanna cry anymore:(Its so hard.This is not another teenager question.Im much more mature than being teenager cause i even saw my best friend murdered 2 year ago.I lived lots of thing.Please someone help me:(

  3. Steves.McCurry

    I don’t live in NY, but there are a few people in my city camping out near the buildings downtown. It’s right at the bus stop downtown. Last night I rode my bike to work (~8 miles!) and when I came out it was raining, which I hadn’t expected that evening. I decided to ride the bus back home. I first had to take the bus toward downtown and then get on another one and take it home. While waiting at the crossover there was nowhere to have cover from the rain. The ‘Occupy Wall Streeters’ had a big walk in tent set up next to their sleeping tents. I asked if I could come inside while waiting. They said ‘no’. As I was walking away I heard one of them say ‘as I was saying, people really need to have more trust…’

  4. peteraskonty

    so… i live in a town called provo right outside salt lake city i have lived here for about 7 years i have had serious drug problems in my past with methamphetamines and cocaine i went to rehab three times and have been sober for two years except for the last two weeks…. here is the story… my friends and i always went to salt lake to party and do drugs when we were in our drug years we would sneak out steal a car and go get trashed. once i realized i was seriously endangering my life i registered for rehab immediately. i was under no circumstances going to submit myself to the old ways once i was sober. i was relentless for the next year and a half no drinking ever, smoking, drugs, i even stopped swearing and started going to church and gym regulary i refrained from the dating scene as well. so there i was about six months ago physically fit prosperous job and mentally clean. i remember the night i started drinking again vividly, i was at my house with my best friend aaron he had invited some girls over without me knowing, he later confided he was worried i had turned into a homosexual haha, the two girls were very nice but definately not my type, personality or looks. one of the two, Cece was her name she was an amazing girl really funny, reminded me of my sister. anyways we watched a movie in my theater room and aaron brought out a bottle of captian morgan, not the most refined of drinks but we didnt care. we drank straight from the bottle until the early morning hours, aaron and the other girl had sex in my guestroom. the next few weekends were the best times i could remember drinking and partying blowing off work, but never stepping too far out-of-bounds no drugs or sex yet and occasionally skipping church and the gym. Then one night we were out at this rave in slc and i met the most amazing girl she had beautiful brown hair and dark italian skin just like mine her name was allison we danced all night and i took her home. we started dating about a month later and i cannot remember a happier time in my life. i am normally not the type to belive in this fairytale love i didnt belive it was possible at all i had never told another person i loved them and meant it not even to my mom she was and is my first and only love…now that you know some of my past we will travel back to two weeks ago… me and allison are great our relationship is flawless work is going great for both of us and we have been dating for about 6 months anyway aaron convinces me to go to slc with him to party so we go and i told allison that we were just going to go see old friends and i wasnt going to do drugs or drink just hangout… the first night i hook up with an old friend and buy 30 blue transformer ecstasy pills and cheat on my girlfriend(only kissing another girl but still)we all stayed at aarons weekend apartment and rolled for a week straight every night i cheated on her (still only kissing but cheating none the less)i wrecked my land rover into Ceces car, destroyed aarons apartment, spent way too much money, lost my job, insulted my mom for raising me wrong. the girl i cheated with is now getting divorced… i just really screwed myself that weekend… i didnt tell allison i had cheated and i felt terrible about it, i love her and i messed it all up… this past weeked i went back to the city anxious to take more drugs and just try to forget about the cheating. so i get there score some more ecstasy and invite all my old friends over to aarons flat… everyone comes (including alexa the girl i cheated with) we hook up again and i feel terrible for her i just feel like a complete piece of s.hit for cheating and ruining my life and the worst part is allison has no idea i lost my job or spent most of my savings on drugs in one week. i have created a web of lies around the situation so she dosent find out i really want to tell her but i will have to tell the complete truth if i expose even a small piece. and i dont think she will trust me again….

  5. midas kansan

    Im crying right now and i cant comprehend this!! My brother raped me 3 weeks ago. He came back from a party and he was drunk and i think he took drugs because he wasnt himself and he smelled like a lot of liquor.. he came in the room wobbly and shaky and i asked him what was wrong and he fell on top of me on my bed then he just started kissing me and touching me on my chest and down there and i tried to stop him by pushing him off and screaming at him to get off me but he didnt listen to me and he just kept going… he shoved a pill in my mouth and made me swallow it and he started screaming at me and threatning me then he left and i was crying and i was shaking and i reached for my cell phone and called my friend but i couldnt tell her what happened and i was just crying…i heard him coming up the stairs again and i was so scared i hid my phone and he came in and by then i dont remember much just that i couldnt see well and i was cryign and i felt confused and out of focus and hot too then i just remember him unbuckling my pants and by then i dont remember much when i woke up he was in me and i couldnt move at all i think i might have gotten into shock… i feel really violated and sad:( i already reported it and its the hardest thing because he is my brother and i would have never expected this to happen.. last night he apoligized to me through the phone.. he is no longer living with us.. and he said that he was sorry and he was crying i couldnt take it so i hung up.. why would he do this to me in the first place… why would he hurt me like this… im only 16 and i was still a virgin

  6. ternircuing

    Hello Guys!

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  10. mizsandy7

    Interesting, but what if you want to visualize a place and have no idea what it looks like? Can you just visualize the person who is in that place and see them? I need to know how my daughter is doing.

  11. shinobishowdown

    I have had Astral Projection several times before and very few people actually experience it. In fact I only know 3 other people who have had it besides me. It is an incredible feeling like nothing else. Your body is completely separated from from your mind/spirit/soul depending on your beliefs are and you feel no pain at all. This sensation is what differentiates a real out of body experience to a fake one. You may not realize it but your body is in pain all the time that you are alive 24 / 7 yet when your mind is separated from your body during Astral Projection this feeling is completely gone. During Astral Projection you have complete freedom to fly through anything (doors, walls, floors, or any solid object) and can feel the incredible sensation and freedom of flying without being bound to a physical body. I did not have any guides watching over my body either. The unfortunate things about Astral Projection are: 1. You usually have little if any control over when it happens or how it manifests itself. 2. It often happens as a result of negative things; ie a near death experience, extreme depression, loss of a loved one, heavy amount of stress, or just general lack of ability to deal with life. Astral Projection seems to be a primal mechanism built into the body to help us escape the pain and suffering and trappings of a physical body. This is what I have found out at least. If anyone else has experienced Astral Projection and would like to share their experiences please feel free. I have not encountered many other people and would like to hear someone else’s experience or perspective on Astral Projection.

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