Psychic Asia: You Complete You

You Don’t Need a Man to Make You Feel Complete

What do you really need in life? Food, shelter and clothing? What makes you feel successful and whole? A good job that pays your bills, your faith/spirituality and the support and love of family and good friends? You don’t rely on anyone for anything and that makes you feel good about yourself. It builds your self-esteem. But what’s the one thing that can make all your success seem trivial and meaningless?

Destined to Become a Crazy Cat Lady

For many women, not having a man in their life hits a sore spot. They could have all the money in the world, live in the best house, drive an expensive car, have a great body and wear designer clothing, but they dread going home and sleeping alone every night. The image of the spinster pops into their head or the iconic “Crazy Cat Lady.” They get nagged by all their married friends or their mothers who remind them they aren’t getting any younger or are “too” picky or “too” successful. What’s the point of having all this success and wealth if they don’t have someone to snuggle up to at night? Is a woman incomplete if she doesn’t have a man?

The Fear of Dying Alone

Psychic Asia ext. 5486 doesn’t think so, and she’s told numerous clients over the years who have called her distressed and distraught because they STILL don’t have a man. She says, “They have so much going for them and are very independent. They are very blessed and yet they focus on not being in a relationship.” It’s true. Many women aren’t comfortable being single, because they equate being single with being alone (which leads to dying alone).  But single women aren’t alone. They have family and friends who love them and who would do most anything for them, whether it’s take care of them when they’re sick or support them during a crisis.

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The Abusive Partner vs. No Partner at All

Asia also reminds her single callers that there are worse things than being single: You could be in a relationship with someone who treats you like crap. She says, “Some women think that taking abuse is better than being alone. It doesn’t matter how successful these women are. They still let men say mean things to them and treat them like crap.” Is being with a jerk better than being single? Is being verbally or emotionally abused better than not having a date on a Saturday night? Why are these two options the only options some women allow themselves to have?

Love Yourself More

If your philosophy is “Any man is better than no man” you need to learn to love yourself better. In fact, you’re probably attracting sub-par men because you don’t love yourself enough. Asia affirms “You have to love yourself first before you can bring the right type of partner in. If not, you are going to keep attracting losers.” Love yourself more and worthy men will notice you. Maybe losers and abusive jerks flock to you because they know they have a chance with you. Maybe they think you can be easily manipulated or that you’re feeling less-than, so they can have complete control of you and your relationship. Stop giving that impression by treating yourself better.

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Don’t look elsewhere to find contentment. Asia says, “Contentment comes from inside. You have to be healthy or nothing is going to change.” There’s nothing wrong with you. If you feel like something is missing in your life, go after it yourself and don’t think someone else is going to make you feel complete. You aren’t incomplete because you don’t have a man. You don’t have to have a man, unless you want one. And if you want one, make sure he’s worthy of you.

9 thoughts on “Psychic Asia: You Complete You

  1. aliza

    Awwww self empowerment…gotta love it! Thanks for the article, Asia! Sending positive energy to all the single ladies!!
    Aliza Ex.5844

  2. Andrea

    Yes, I am all of those things – single (well, divorced rather) without kids, independent, successful, well-educated, well-traveled, well-read, well-mannered, pretty, and I pretty much have everything I need / really want in my life. AND I am alone. I did have a husband for over 16 years, but exactly because I loved myself, I got a divorce. I wasn’t willing to put up with all his BS, neglect, lack of care, lack of love, lack of sex, selfishness, etc. – or the total dominance of his mother – anymore.
    One thing psychic Asia says, however, is not true for me. I am REALLY alone. I do not have a family who loves and supports me. I mean nobody. My parents and grandparents are dead, and I have no uncles or aunts or cousins. I only have one sister, but she lives back home in Europe where I am initially from, and I don’t get to see her very often. As far as friends goes – where are they all? I have just gone through total knee replacement surgeries on both knees within 3 months from each other – all alone, without the love or care or support of anyone.
    So now what? I don’t want to sound like I’m whining, but my loneliness makes me cry sometimes – quite literally. Do you have any advice for me?

  3. Doreen

    I dated a guy from SF for 8 months and easily falling for him, I’m so open of my feelings to him and open for everything no secret, he’s my priority but I felt I’m only an option to him, he’s very secretive , in 8 mos. of being with him I never meet any of his family member, never show me his place, and finally we got a big argument and it ended there, it hurts me so much, I got sick for 3 weeks then tried to move on , now it’s been a year or two I can’t understand my self my feelings , he’s still in my heart and in my mind. Thanks for the good advice .

  4. lonely girl 73

    my boyfriend is cheating wih meand i allowed it coz im afraid to lose him, im much older than him


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