5 Signs You’re Just a Hookup

Are You Just a Fling?

Have you recently met someone and have you been left wondering if you are just a bootie call and someone they only want to see on a physical-needs basis? Do they want something more or just to have fun? If you are seeking a serious relationship and are wondering whether your newest love interest is looking for the same, it is best to ask them straight out. If you are wondering what signs to look for to figure out if you are just a hookup, then see these five helpful tips below. Once you know some of these signs and red flags to look out for, the faster you can move on towards a fulfilling, long-term relationship with someone more serious about a future together.

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1. They tell you directly. Many of us would prefer this than anything else and it is very important to listen to this when it is stated. If they tell you right from the beginning that they don’t want anything else except to date and have fun, believe it. Both men and women have a hard time admitting this from the get go because they fear they will lose out, so if they say this, respect them for their honesty and respect their wishes. If you don’t want to stick around for just plain, simple fun, move on.

2. The follow through just isn’t happening. This makes it extremely obvious that they don’t really want anything serious. If they don’t call you when they say they will and if they don’t respond to your texts, emails, etc., they don’t want to be with you on a long-term basis or be committed. When someone is interested, they follow up without hesitation.

3. They are distant. If your new love interest is distant and if they don’t want a serious relationship, they most likely won’t let you into their world. They will remain protective over their private issues and the last thing they would want to do is introduce you to family or friends. If they don’t share anything with you and won’t take the time to open up and get to know you, they aren’t interested in you as a partner.

4. Quality time is non-existent. If they do not spend longer periods of time with you, chances are you are just a hookup. A person who is interested in a relationship will, without a doubt, make time for you and spend time getting to know you. If they just drop you a text or call and spend only a short few hours with you, and if it is a sexual visit, chances are that is all you are to them.

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5. Relationship record. An important thing to look at is their relationship history. If this person has bounced from one relationship to the next or has never had a relationship longer than a few weeks or months, they are most likely not interested in anything more than sex. While there are many individuals who take a leap of faith and go from serial dating to a serious relationship, there is a good chance that the person you’re with won’t do that. This quality combined with the other four tips above is a huge red flag. He’s just not that into you.

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