Advice for My Future Wife

How to Avoid Misunderstanding With Your Wife… in Advance!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate your wishes and needs to your future wife, thus avoiding certain marital problems and miscommunications? You might want to share these words of wisdom with your soon-to-be wife.

Please Tell Me if You’re Mad!

Instead of letting negative thoughts and feelings stew inside you, talk to me. Chances are I won’t even know you are upset until you’ve built up deep resentments, which often lead to those big, nasty arguments. Communicate with me when something has upset you instead of hoping I’ll catch on that you are unhappy; I’m not always that perceptive so please be clear with me.

I’ll Always Like My Toys

I know some of my hobbies and requisite toys may seem silly or immature to you, but they bring me great joy. Instead of nagging or teasing me about them, it would be great if you accepted that part of me that will never stop being a little boy who likes to play with his toys.

I Need My Guy Time

Just because I need some quality time with my guy friends does not mean that I don’t adore spending time with you or love you any less. It’s another social outlet that satisfies a different part of me and offers a much-needed escape from daily demands and stressors.

Please Don’t Make Me Feel Stupid

I know we will have our share of disagreements, but please don’t play dirty by attacking my ego and abilities. Belittling me will only put my guard up and push us further away from one another.

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Please Be Patient — I Can’t Express My feelings as Well as You

Most guys are just not as developed in communication skills or expressing our emotions. Just because I’m not as descriptive with my feelings as you are, does not mean I don’t feel them or wish to express them better than I do.

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Validate My Part in the Relationship

It may sound a little lame, but it satisfies me when you give me projects to fix (i.e. house projects or minor car problems). This doesn’t mean I want you to rely on me to be your personal fix-it machine, but I like pleasing my girl.

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2 thoughts on “Advice for My Future Wife

  1. Mary

    Well I did all of that. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. What do you do with someone who is so emotionally insecure they turn all the good into something negative? Had to give it up, it was too much of an emotional drain on me. Now on to my own healing. And hopefully a better love and romantic future.


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