5 Signs He May Be Considering Marriage

Are Wedding Bells Ringing for You?

Are you in a long-term relationship and wondering if he will ever propose to you? Have you recently got together with a guy and are you wondering if he will ever consider marriage in the future? If marriage is a goal you have in your life, it is best to share that at the beginning of a new relationship in order to avoid any unnecessary heartbreak.

Many women try to change their men but if your guy has repeatedly said he doesn’t want to get married, than it is best for you to respect what he says. First of all it is an honest response and you should appreciate this. Second of all, it gives you the choice of whether to stay with him or not. Now that you know how he feels about marriage, you have the opportunity to find someone who shares the same life goal as you.

For many women, marriage seems like the obvious next step after being in a relationship for a long time, living together for years or having kids together. It just seems logical, doesn’t it? Well, not everyone feels that way. Just because you haven’t heard a peep about marriage from your guy, that doesn’t mean he isn’t considering it. Here are five signs that your guy may be considering marriage:

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He Knows Your Family and Friends

A man who wants to invest in a future with his girlfriend make an effort to get to know her friends and family. Even if they are not the talkative type, they don’t shy away from family gatherings and social time with friends. They want to be involved.

He Mentions Kids

If your guy mentions having kids in the future, there’s a good chance that marriage goes hand-in-hand with that. If he talks about how amazing it would be to take his son to a soccer game and how he would love to watch his daughter in a dance recital, he most likely is hinting to you about a future together. If you are both discussing names of your future kids, chances are he is in it for the long haul.

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He Becomes More Ambitious

A man who plans to get married and have children needs to be financially secure. He needs to know he can support his new family and have a career that provides for all of them. If your man starts to apply for higher-paying jobs or invests in a new home or car with five seats, he is looking at the long-term. If he is putting money aside instead of going out with his friends, he is thinking of the future.

He Says, “We”

If you hear your boyfriend mentioning the future in terms of “we” and “us,” then he is considering marriage. The more plans he makes for the future that include you, the more he is thinking of marrying you.

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He Says So

If he comes out with it directly, you know he is into marriage. But to be sure he is considering marriage with you, notice if he is including you in the idea or talking about it generally. If he is talking about it in a general way like, “I’d like to get married one day,” but doesn’t even look to see what your facial reaction might be, he might be saying what he wants out of life, and that may not include you. If he looks at you and into your eyes when he says it, he is most likely picturing you as his bride.

3 thoughts on “5 Signs He May Be Considering Marriage

  1. Eryn

    mary jo, I don’t think it is ever possible to be completely sure what someone else is thinking. The best thing to do is to ask him what happened. Did something change with your behaviors after he gave you the ring? Did you start pushing the details of when, where, how, etc about the wedding? Perhaps he did get cold feet. Maybe he met someone else and changed his mind about the commitment after the proposal. Fact is, after being with him for 6 years, you would know him better than anyone that could respond to your question. The only advice I would give to you is to fight for what you want. If you don’t want him out of your life and you are hoping for him to come home, tell him that. Be honest and open with your feelings. Maybe he can be honest and open with his as well. Either way, it sounds like it is unresolved and each of you are probably assuming something about how the other person is feeling. Just talk. Good luck

  2. mary jo

    The man I was seeing for 6 years was talking the we and us and even building a new house on his property. He gave me a ring. Than he al of a sudden said I was to controlling and I did nt trust him. I have not seen him in 2 months to even talk about what happened. I called him but he will not answer. He is a Gemini. Should I just move on or did he just get cold feet and needs time to think about it? I have not texted or called to give him his space. He still has all his guns at my house which he loves.


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