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Most of us could find more space for calm in our lives, for those moments of being able to stand back and assess what is happening around us with a mind that is settled, patient, graceful and wise. Calm people affect other people in a positive and reassuring way; their ability to remain unfazed and focused during life’s ordeals through to outright crises is a source of amazement to the majority of us, and often we’re grateful for being at the receiving end of such calmness. And yet, it isn’t something that only the few have access to – anyone can choose to be calm and to foster it as an approach toward life.

When I read with my clients, when they are almost finished with our reading, I have heard many times, that I have brought them peace and clarity. A “calm” to them at that moment. It gives me great joy to help them feel better and not so upset at their situation.

I feel that by being internally calm, the pressures are alleviated; they don’t go away but they are all manageable and far less disturbing when life is approached with an inner calm. Feeling calm and competent leads to fulfillment and happiness. Inside, each of us has a nature that is deep, silent and stable – indeed, our natural state is to be calm. However, we make choices about how to react very early on in life and sometimes those choices usurp our inner calm. I try to restore that balance with my clients. Very importantly, they feel better about what is going on around them.

I find that being calm begins with being self-loving (which does not mean being self-absorbed). It’s all too commonplace for us to take a negative tone with ourselves and to be our own unkindest critic. Calm cannot settle when you feel nothing but self-criticism, self-loathing and a lack of self-trust. Remind yourself frequently that it is okay to love and trust yourself.

We all need to be kinder and gentler with ourselves. It will bring about more of a balance for us.

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    Psychic Reading benefit is that of receiving clear & accurate answers to your questions, answers that empower you to make healthy, successful decisions. Thanks for sharing.


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