Psychic Evan: Why Read With Me?

A Psychic Success Story

I had a marked success with a gentleman named Jim, who I still read for today. He came to me for help in 2006. He had it all—the beautiful wife, family, huge home and big flashy cars. Then he found out his wife was having an affair with someone from a rival company and all the while she had been giving her lover secret info. about Jim’s company. Suddenly, Jim was at rock bottom. He lost his home, his wife and custody of the children he adored. The final dagger was that he had to declare bankruptcy because his business folded after he lost his biggest contract.

How did it all go so wrong? He had it all, and now had nothing. It was so intense… I try to never get emotionally involved, but when a grown man cries like a baby, it’s hard not to be moved. When I got him calmed down, I asked Spirit for guidance. My client suddenly felt cold on his shoulders and neck. I told him that was good. A glow, warmth and a good vibe filled the room and Spirit poured info to me.

We can’t change the past, but the future is ours to take…

Spirit gave me “rebirth” and “Canada” and the name John or Jon. Jim told me a school friend of his left the UK in ’95 for a new life in Canada and they hadn’t spoke for a few years. I said to contact him and be honest—tell him what’s happened. I also saw money, love and success for Jim. Jim made that call, and his old friend, Jon, said he wanted someone in the UK to help him expand his business in Europe. Jim was made a director, and did the business for his new boss.

Jim came back happy, but was lonely. Spirit gave me “Rome,” and even the Tarot was giving me Ace of Cups and Two of Cups in his reading. Jim said he was going to Rome on business in two days. On that flight to Rome, Jim met a wonderful woman and they are married now. Jim has money, success and love again and all from the clutches of disaster—and all as Spirit told me it would happen.

Why Read With Me

I can find that light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how low you are. I never judge in my psychic work. I have seen it all, done it all and seen it all again, so any subject is open to me. I can empathize with the client and who they’re asking about. Messages come from my three spirit guides clearly, concisely and accurately. I can use Tarot if asked or needed. I am a Tarot master; my passion for the Celtic pagan ways has helped me embrace Spirit and the messages from Spirit to help guide and assist.

As with any real psychic, I will never tell a client to do something. I will only guide and assist. I believe in the virtue of human free will. I have read for the poor, rich, super rich and famous and treat all readings equally and as an honor to do. This is not a job. It’s a calling and I take it so seriously. If the energies are not right, I will not read. I only work on the highest authority and information from Spirit or not at all.

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