The Intuitive Tarot

You’ve used your intuition to pick out the perfect set of Tarot cards, a deck that visually speaks to you, that feels good in your hands… and you’re ready to put the cards to psychic use. What’s the best way to learn how to read the past, present and future from the Tarot?

Our psychics, who use the cards as an intuitive tool, give you their expert opinions and tips from their own experiences learning, teaching and utilizing the Tarot. What’s most important they agree, is that if you begin by memorizing the meaning of the cards by reading the important books on the subject (including the volume that may come with the deck you purchased) don’t rely heavily on the interpretations of others – even the experts.

Leave plenty of room for your intuition to lead the way in your readings. Interpretation is key, Ariel ext. 9775 suggests. To become a good reader, you can’t rely on memorizing the interpretations of the cards from a book. The cards themselves give you an accurate picture of what is going on, but it’s the subtle nuances and threads that the Tarot triggers in one’s intuition that can’t be gleaned from a book, Dawn ext. 9777 says.

Your intuition is actually going to do 75 percent of the reading, Alicia ext. 9438 explains, revealing that just working with the cards will trigger your natural intuition. She advises becoming familiar with each individual card through intuition even before opening a book. “Study the literal interpretations of the cards, later. This approach builds the important bridge between the mundane world and the spiritual world, which is the key to reading Tarot.”

Probably one of the simplest exercises to familiarize yourself with the cards and their meanings, is to begin by reading one card every day, many of our psychics suggest. Use the exercise to give yourself a daily reading. “Be patient, don’t allow your mind to get too analytical and take over. Don’t try to force the answer that you think you want,” Amelia ext. 9772.

Ciarra ext. 8624 advises making a list of every card in the Tarot deck, jotting down the pertinent information that you gather on each card from your readings, classes and intuition. When she teaches Tarot she has students learn one card at a time, inside and out. Take the interpretations you get from your studies and translate the information into words and thoughts that work for you, Ciarra counsels. Keep a record of your intuitive thoughts along with the translations, so that they’re always available.

As you begin reading for friends and relatives, ask them to follow up with you to see if you were right, Violet ext. 9662 advises. As you read other people use their vibrations to complete the energy current and the meaning of the story you are reading for them, Ariel recommends.

Tammy ext. 9380 reminds beginning Tarot readers that “Just as there isn’t one way to read a card, there isn’t one way to do a spread. It is important to know the element of each card, understand the Major and Minor Arcana and how the numbers relate… but the psychic reiterates that feelings about whether cards seem hot or cold, foreboding, whether a card tingles, or seems to magnetically be drawn – actually allowing the Tarot to do the talking – is the fun of it all.”

Know that the relationship you are going to develop with the Tarot will take time, Marin ext. 5113 points out. “With persistence and a strong desire to discover what the Tarot can offer, the cards will take you to depths you never knew existed!”

Maryanne ext. 9146 sums up her personal journey with her cards, “After the first year of reading, I felt some confidence developing. After five years I felt confidence and intuition… and after 25 years the cards speak to me very clearly!”

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