Selfish or Selfless?

Do You Love Yourself Enough?

Are people in your life mistaking kindness for weakness?

Kindness tends to come from someone in a secure position in a given situation in their life. Kindness that is mistaken for weakness usually has its foundation wrapped in FEAR (forget everything and run). In any business or relationship, the biggest mistake anyone can make about someone else is underestimating them based on their daily behavior.

Being kind is about love. And love has boundaries. Love is not about doing things that hurt you, or make you feel bad or cause another direct harm. When you are operating from a position of love, you can be kind without fear. Respecting yourself and others does not show weakness.

“Love thy neighbor as you love thyself.” Being kind to others requires you to be kind to yourself first. This is a selfless act and should not be consider selfish. Sooner or later you must stop asking yourself why people keep hurting you and start asking yourself why you are allowing them to.

There are two things you should never waste your time on. Things that don’t really matter, that you have no control over the outcome, and people that don’t think you matter. If someone treats you like an “option” you must leave them by choice. When we are hurt, we develop strength when we control our own environment we become more independent.

To have time for what is valuable we have to make time for what truly is!! Self Love. What we are allowing in our life is a direct reflection of what we are encouraging. Upon judgment day your creator will not omit your behavior, choices or actions because you said “that was business not personal” everything that we do comes from our own personal choices and character we must take responsibility for our actions. Start loving yourself—this is not a form of weakness, this is about personal integrity and self love.

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3 thoughts on “Selfish or Selfless?

  1. Marc from the UK

    I have read this article with a feeling of intrigue and confusion, I consider myself to be a generous person, who is kind and thoughtful to others on a daily basis. I have regularly given my ex randon amounts of cash, taken her food shopping, put fuel in her car. I am a big believer in showing acts of kindness and looking out for others wether it be humans, animals even insects! If I see an insect that is in an unstable or unsafe environment I am that person who will protect it! ie spider out of the bath, worm crossing a path to nowhere or in danger of being squashed! does this make me an idiot? I try to approach life with a buddhist approach although I am no longer religious, I am believing more in spirit than a god now. However my dilemma is this? Is my kindness and thoughtfulness keeping me down? stoping me from having that bigger car? my own house? My own money? My landlords who own my property came to me yesterday and told me they may need to sell the house that I have painstakingly decorated, put nice things into, landscaped the gardens, they love what I have done and are very pleased and grateful, I said they should put themselve’s first and consider whats right for them and that nothing is permanent, however Am I telling the universe that I am not worthy of these things that I would like? It seems to me sometimes that the selfish, the greedy, the out right crooks have propsperity and growth! What are the authors comments on this matter, for I am at times deflated and get tired of being the nice guy!!! Thanks.


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