Will They Come Back?

It Might Not Be Over

Psychic Indio ext. 5046 knows what it’s like when you break up with your love, your best friend. It’s a gut wrenching, heart pounding time filling your mind with confusion, anger, sorrow and regrets. Good news! Indio has helped many couples get back together.

Why It’s Over

“There are two reasons,”  says Indio, “why a couple breaks up. It’s either a lack of communication or one person is pushing too hard. Oftentimes I find men will not communicate what’s going on in their heart. Women want to hear ‘I love you’ and deep conversation.” She told me that when men are holding onto emotional baggage or past experiences, they are projecting onto their current relationship and find it difficult to open their hearts.

Then the woman tries and pries into the man’s mind, heart and personal space in a variety of attempts to get him to “just open up.” Which leads to the second reason people break up.

“Once they quit communicating, and we try to get them to talk to us by aggressively pursuing our partner, the partner completely backs off,” explains Indio. It’s almost as if the further the mate backs away, the faster the other partner tries to pursue them. “I’ll tell them to pull their energy back. If you pull back, men, the way they’re wired, will see what’s going on with you and step forward. He’ll wonder if she’s found another man or lost interest in him. That can be a good thing. Let them pursue us.”

She went on to explain that when women see this happening, they should allow it to continue. The relationship is on a healing path. “Instead, women go back to pursuing their distant partner. I call it the Yo-Yo effect. It goes back and forth until the relationship eventually breaks apart,” explains Indio. “But it could have been saved if there hadn’t been too much opening up their head too quickly and forcing the issue.”

What to Do While You Wait

I asked Indio, if we shouldn’t pursue our mate, and we should give them space, what do we do in the meantime? She had two great ideas. First, get a white candle, your partner’s picture and put them in a safe place where you can be near them. Turn off all the lights and at eye level, think about the flame for about five to ten minutes. This will put you in a meditative state. While in this state, send that person a message or ask your spirit guides to send them a message about reconnecting, let’s talk and so on. Choose the message that works for you. Most importantly, set aside your boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and go back to being friends.

Do this before you go to bed for about seven to fourteen days. “This helps the person who is stressing and helps them make a connection,” says Indio. “It helps them psychologically and spiritually to calm down. Seven out of ten times, the person they’re trying to read will contact them. Believe it or not. It works!”

Another idea is to focus on yourself! “Find the goodness within yourself and don’t take this personally. It’s about universal time. It may not be the right time for that person to re-enter your life. It’s time to work on yourself. Exercise, meditate, do what makes you feel empowered and good about yourself,” Indio suggests. “Work on your own spirituality and improving upon yourself. When we do that, we feel better about ourselves, and that can open doors to other relationships. If/when that person comes back, and they usually do, we may decide that we want them back, or we may have improved ourselves to the point that we realize there are better things in our life that can enhance our life.”

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7 thoughts on “Will They Come Back?

  1. Sarah

    i m tryin from more than 15 dayz d mthd u hav described in this page, but nothin has still worked out… its d dead end…
    i’v lost all hope of reconnectin ….

  2. Tammy Pitchford

    Would like to hear more on how to tell if relationships are true & stable. U do a Gr8 job @ helpin women understand men. Thx U!

  3. Courtney x5036

    Move on with your life, take a class or contact old friends. If it’s meant to be they will come back. Sometimes there is a better match for you coming. That was why the door closed. It will all work out somehow.

  4. chris

    pls i want to know if this man whom i like loved me or still loved me.is he flirting…with my co workers..coz i have intuition that he is having intimate relationship with a lot of women… did he still loves me..or just like me or hate me…what is his plan at pre..sent


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