DreamCast: Looking for the Bathroom

I dreamt that I was walking around a large house or building looking for a bathroom. At first I was with a person I knew from the past (someone in my industry with whom I had a brief intimate relationship) who then morphed into this jerky guy I know very slightly who is also in my industry.

Each toilet I tried was either covered in blood or had a pool of blood next to it. Eventually, my twin sister appeared and found the same situation. I think my mom might have been there, too, though I don’t remember the details. The entire dream (nightmare) was very distressing and had a feeling of impending terror.

Linda in New York City

Hello Linda,

Your dream was undoubtedly about eliminating something in your life (no surprise there!). You may need to “flush away” some emotional negativity that stems from troubling relationships from the past. Are you harboring any anger or resentment toward former lovers? Are you feeling some sadness over lack of fulfillment in love? These feelings can block you from attracting someone compatible. Your dream may also indicate you’re flushing away (wasting) positive energy on incompatible people (or jobs) that “bleed” you dry. And because your sister and mother were in the dream, these issues are connected to family patterns. Look to see what needs to leave your life so you can move forward.

Sweet dreams,

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