Psychic Vega: The Hard Truth About Soulmate Relationships

Are you looking for your perfect soulmate and that perfect relationship? If so we may have some news for you!

Separating Fantasy From Reality

If you’re like me, you can’t stand those dating site commercials featuring “couples” who talk about what it feels like to have finally found their soulmates. They tout every common misconception about relationships known to humankind, including “He’s perfect,” “It’s just so easy,” “We do everything together,” and “She’s my missing puzzle piece.” When I was single I thought I needed to feel the same way about someone in order to consider them a soulmate. Now that I am married to my soulmate, I realize these commercials are trying to sell a fantasy. Are you caught up in a romantic fantasy? Psychic Vega ext. 5485 has the dose of reality you’re looking for!

The perfect soulmate connection doesn’t exist, so stop looking for it. I know it’s something you’ve waited for all your life, and once you find it, you think everything will be perfect after that. Well, it won’t be. Vega knows the truth about soulmate relationships. Here’s a list of six truths she wants you to remember while you’re dreaming of or sharing your life with “the one.” Get more personalized advice by contacting a psychic today!

1. He isn’t your “knight in shining armor.”

Vega says “The biggest misconception about soulmate relationships is that people think they’re meeting their knight in shining armor. But that’s not really what happens.” What really happens is that a soulmate comes into your life to help you grow and to teach you a lesson. They’re not here to rescue or fix you. You still have to do all the work. How would you like to be taxed with rescuing someone? And how do you think it makes the person who “needs to be rescued” feel? If you’re not willing to be someone else’s “knight in shining armor,” why should someone be yours?

2. You’re still going to fight.

Soulmates fight all the time. You don’t automatically stop fighting once you realize you’re each other’s soulmate. Jobs get lost, parents die, and there are infidelities. Yes, there’s still plenty to fight over in Soulmate Land. Vega shares, “There are still going to be struggles and there will be obstacles. People want to know why it doesn’t go smoothly. It’s not supposed to.” Fights are a part of any relationship, whether you’re with your soulmate or not. Are they just a fling or is there potential for a deep, soul connection? Vega knows.

3. You have to put up with a lot of crap.

Your threshold for emotional pain and suffering could be much higher if you think you’ve met your soulmate. Vega explains, “They might be your soulmate, but if they’re not in a good spot, you’re going to have to go through a lot just to be with them. And you’ll do it because you believe they’re your soulmate.” Perhaps you’ll see this kind of pain and suffering as a test of your commitment to one another. If you believe someone is your soulmate, you’ll be more willing to “walk through fire” for them.

4. It could be easy to lose yourself.

This truth goes along with the previous one. If your soulmate has a lot of issues or problems, and you are there to support them, it’s pretty easy to lose your sense of self. This is especially true for women. Vega relates, “Women will give up so much if they think they are with their soulmate.” Sure, it’s important to support your soulmate when they are going through a difficult time, but you shouldn’t support them to the point where you put your life on hold until they get theirs together.

5. You still need to set healthy boundaries.

Whether your relationship is six months or six years old, you need to set healthy boundaries with your soulmate. Vega explains, “Women make it so easy on men. They get stuck in the trap of ‘he is my soulmate, so I am going to let him do what he wants.’ If you set boundaries, you help the other person grow. You are setting expectations for the other person to meet. You have to say that you are not okay with something. Don’t make it too comfortable.” Even if you’re with a great person, setting boundaries is a way to show you respect yourself. If your partner respects your boundaries, then they respect you too.

6. They (or you) might not stick around.

Soulmate relationships aren’t always meant to last forever, especially if you’re willing to overlook a lot of the things your partner does that hurt you. You may overlook these things, but the hurt is still there, and that’s going to fester for only so long before you explode. The same thing could happen if your partner overlooks a lot of the things you do. You could begin to resent each other and “You may need to go away for a while. The connection may still be there, but you need a timeout,” says Vega. The timeout could be temporary or permanent. A soulmate relationship could be a toxic relationship. Not sure if your romance is toxic? Vega knows what to look for.

Even the best relationships aren’t supposed to be perfect, but this article isn’t meant to depress you. It’s meant to be a strong dose of reality that we all need from time to time. You can have the greatest love of your life and still struggle. You won’t be happy all the time, but that’s okay. And you have to remember to protect yourself, your needs and your independence. If you need another dose of straightforward reality, give Vega a call. She’s got something you need to hear.

12 thoughts on “Psychic Vega: The Hard Truth About Soulmate Relationships

  1. Araanza

    Absolutely great!!! I looping this article cause I m sure I’m not the only one in love-woman, that thought that soulmates means” happily ever after” pink color ” “and never ever have a fight cause he is your soulmate” or talking like astrologer ” couple made in heaven” we still fight and disagree, and have rules and limits!! It is so healthy!! And the greatest thing, we’re still in love and willing to move forward and face whatever is coming I’m our way!!! Someone says that love means” love your partner the way you love yourself!! Or when you’re in love you should feel the pain of the other”!! I think it’s extremely sweet and true!!! ?

  2. Chrissi

    I was lucky to meet my soulmate at a young age- I was 17, the years we spent together left me with many happy memories- but in this life we couldn’t stay together- I married a man who feels I am his soulmate- but I feel sometimes he needs me far more than I do him- and I know in this life he has not been treated as well as he should have been by his mother which has given him very low self esteem- which I am working on- and now he is actually trying to follow his dreams, we have a son now 20, who is very talented and we are helping him be the best he can be too

  3. marc from the uk

    Great article and so encouraging that I am already on this thought path. Sometimes I am careful what I tell people how and what I think. And then I read an article like this and feel encouraged that I am learning and growing in the right direction, I told a recent girlfriend that I am grateful for our time together, and the lessons we learned from out time, she was taken aback and spent a few weeks thinking about it before she responded to my email. The email had the desired effect, and hopefuly she will understand as she grows and develops spiritually.

  4. lonely heart

    I miss my soulmate so much. The coolest thing is that he told everyone that I was his soulmate also. He was a bachelor that was never married and no kids, and I had two failed marriages. God had other plans for us and he took my guy. I kinow he was with me to show me that I could be loved for whom I am and that I deserved to be love. I was with him to get him through a horrible ordeal. Your writing made a lot sense to me. Thank you for sharing and reminding me of the truth.

  5. Courtney x5036

    Every relationship has good and bad elements. A past life Venus connection is the closest to a soulmate any human can achieve. Usually we have other connections too like Mars for a burst of anger. It’s a mixed bag depending on many factors. Great informative article.

  6. Jane

    Ohhh my good God, finally someone who wrote what I think!!! Brilliant article. I have been with my soulmate for the last 25 years, and it isnt always easy, from both our points of view, and at the minute we are in the ‘timeout’ part…. but like you said Dania, my thinking is, we are to teach each other lessons, nothing more, like we organised it to be as it is just now…., I dont know if we will resolve it either, and not too bothered, because as long as we grow from our interactions, its a success.
    I listen to people talk about soulmates as if they are a breed that never have problems, and in real life there is no such thing, and there is more than one for everyone of us. Sometimes we learn what we need to learn, and then move on, maybe to a new soulmate, maybe not, but thank you, I thought my thinking was weird, and nice to know its not so bad after all. wow, tickled with the article, wanted to jump up and shout hurrah…. a woman of sense at last. Well done you!!! luvs xxx keep the articles coming. Real is so good.

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Hi, Jane! I’m so glad you liked my article. Understanding what a soulmate really is is a huge shock to the system. I wish more women, and especially my female friends, were educated about what they think they really want. I learned so much about soul mates and marriage in the last few years (even before I started writing for the blog) and it has been eye-opening to say the least. At the end of the day, you’re going to go through a lot of crap and if you wake up every morning and decide that the person you are with is the one you want to go through your crap with, then you’re doing as best as can be expected, romantically. That is all. There is no perfect relationship. No one will EVER have it and if they say they do, they are liars. I feel so relieved knowing that what I am experiencing is real and NORMAL and that other women experience it to. Vega was so great to talk to! I hope I get a chance to work with her again!

  7. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for writing this! I have been a spiritual councilor for years and this is one of the hardest false beliefs that I have to help people work through over and over again! Soulmates are teachers, not dreamboats.

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Rebecca, I totally see why it is so hard. It’s not a false belief you just grow out of, unfortunately. You are doing great work!

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    GREAT article….I give it 5 whopping shiny gold stars ! LOL

    and especially #1 :
    “The biggest misconception about soulmate relationships is that people think they’re meeting their knight in shining armor. But that’s not really what happens.” What really happens is that a soulmate comes into your life to help you grow and to teach you a lesson. They’re not here to rescue or fix you. You still have to do all the work. How would you like to be taxed with rescuing someone? And how do you think it makes the person who “needs to be rescued” feel? If you’re not willing to be someone else’s “knight in shining armor,” why should someone be yours?

    So true !!!!!!

    It is asking alot of somebody, anybody for that matter, to rescue you or fix you or be your reason for existing.
    If you want a happy relationship, or just to live a happy life in general, you must be willing to do the work and invest in you.

    Nobody is down here with the sole purpose of rescuing you. Nobody wants to bear the burden of making you happy 24/7. That’s a huge burden to place upon somebody’s shoulders!

    Souls come together to help each other learn and grow….it cuts both ways !

    My Great Aunt once taught me that ” nobody will take care of your car, your clothes, or anythingelse including YOU, the way that YOU would. “


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