Your Mercury Forecast for November 2012

Shadow Phase Mercury Retrograde

The winged one is up to something this month; forcing you to face the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The good news is, this shadow phase (while Mercury is technically direct, but moving across retrograde phases of Scorpio and Sag.) may just bring the areas of your life you’d long since left for dead, back to life!

Read on to find out what Mercury holds in store for you this month!


Know who to trust this month, Ram. Mercury encourages you to keep things quiet. Move cautiously even with those you hold close.


Get a second opinion… or a third. The point is, Mercury emphasizes consulting with others for their thoughts in matters you’re not sure about.


Differences of opinion serve to give you perspective on your own beliefs. Red tape may frustrate you. Unfortunately it’s time to dig into the details.


If you feel like you’re sweating the small stuff, thank Mercury. The upside is that all those pesky t’s you’re crossing are contributing to a lighter state after the 26th.


Mercury is empowering you, Lion. While other suffer the doldrums, you’re more creative and charming than ever and you know it! Look out for being overly sensitive.


Your emotions are hard to hide this month, Virgin, and you’re communicating more than usual with those closest and most important to you. Talk centers on family and home.


Paperwork and practicalities dominate Libra, as it’s time to close deals. Delays may plague you (and everyone), but you won’t be deferred from feeling (and being) social.


You’re focused on your own well being this month, Scorp. Whether it’s your livelihood or your health, you know how to take care of yourself. Don’t be too frustrated, because progress is coming. You just have to wait out the retrograde.


Set your boundaries carefully this month, Sag. Even the boundaries you have with yourself. Don’t burn the candle or stress out too much. Use social events to forward work.

“It [Astrology] can act as a guide in a very effective and quick way. It keeps you in the day to day of what energies work for the highest good.” – Psychic Quinn ext. 5484


You may feel unsure where life is taking you, but don’t trust everything you hear during the retrograde. Take advice and prospects with a grain of salt.


You feel inclined to tap your relationship resources (professional and social) to forward your career aims. The instinct is a good one. Act on it!


Mercury retrograde may force you into new and unfamiliar territory, literally as much as figuratively. Travel is favored as are relationships at a distance.

9 thoughts on “Your Mercury Forecast for November 2012

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  4. Randy

    The old Sag says the things he has burried in the past is sacred and should be left there till me and the most high talk about it if he is curious about but you do learn in some cases like the merines you adapt and over come. This isbest in all cases we can’t change.

  5. Hortencia

    note to madhavi. try 1 tbsp of your local honey at bedtime also. it has antibacterial properties and does not effect blood sugar.

  6. c.wright.thru.

    Infinite and Eternal Blessings to ALL, always.

    note to madhavi, i had a harsh gum infection two weeks ago and the approach below actually cured the problem after 3 days:
    2 powerful self healing/purifying approaches are-
    1) rinse mouth often with salt water (if possible add sea salt to filtered water!)
    2) dissolve spoonfuls of (pure) powdered cinnamon in your mouth (specifically on the infected areas), as often as possible.

  7. Corey

    Mercury in retrograde may explain the confusion that was at the voter polls at this mornings election. But everything is o.k. and in Divine order.

  8. klio sarri

    you mostly find what is in store for me personally. the funny thing is that I always have a feeling of what is going to come either good or bad. I very much appreciate your sending me my forecast every day.


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