Psychic Success: Happily Married

With Psychic Aid, She Got the Marriage of Her Dreams

Tammy is one of my clients. She was in a very abusive relationship that ended about a year ago. She was very scared to move forward and get into a new relationship. As a psychic, I could see how dramatic the past had been for her, but also what her future paths could provide—if she had confidence to move forward.

I helped by building confidence in herself, to believe in herself and letting go of the past. For her to understand that love would be there for her—and with the right person.

In my visions, I was seeing a man at her front door that didn’t live very far from her. When I asked Tammy about this man at her door, or someone close around her neighborhood that she knew, she said: “Yes, there is a man that lives across the street that always waves to me when I leave to go to work—but nothing more than that.”

As I was telling Tammy what I saw—that she would be going out with this man and it would evolve into a very serious relationship—of course, Tammy’s response was: “How can that be?” Well, it looks like he’s going to be knocking on your door and ask you out for lunch. Then, you’ll start getting to know each other much more. Best of all: He is the right one for you!

A couple with weeks later Tammy called me and said: “Alison you cannot believe this! You are so right on! His name is Richard. And he did ring the doorbell. As I opened the door, he was standing there with a smile on his face saying: ‘You know we have been waving to each other everyday for longtime. I just was wondering if you would like to go out to lunch and get to know each other better…’”

Tammy and Richard dated each other for over a year. They are now married, bought a new house in a new neighborhood and are very happy. I still hear from Tammy, now and then, to check up on work or about something that’s going on with the children. But the man in her life, Richard, and her are very much in love. Sometimes love is very difficult when were looking in all the wrong places. And then when we let go of the wrong person—love just appears at our doorsteps.

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4 thoughts on “Psychic Success: Happily Married

  1. Benie Mike

    Broke up with my boyfriend 3rd time almost two weeks now. I strongly blev in us though we breakup and make up. Cos I ve always tell me self and anyone out there if is trully over ur heart will stop believing! Am grateful dis whole psychic love advice has rili hepled me.


    I must tell you my story, i was dating a man for 6 months, he said he was a world karate champion, wow i believed him, he would sent me pictures of him with a winning karate belt etc well i found out hes married and never travels ,is not a karate fighter, so you see we must check out a person real well next time we think we love him.I feel like such a fool.I even shared the pictures to my friends, what a fraud he was.

  3. Mary

    I would like to hear more of these. I am leaving a relationship for good now with a verbally abusive and controlling man. It’s hard because he was so awesome in so many other ways and I will miss that part. I hope I can attract the right person for me now. Thanks!

  4. Jelena 5842

    I Love this storie it really gives so many people hope in finding real love again. Thank you so very much for sharing such a wonderful thing with us all!


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