Psychic Help: Should You Break Up?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Should You Do it?

Going through a breakup is one of the most difficult things you can do. Luckily, our psychics know how to guide you through such a painful transition, and how to understand it if you’re already going through it.

As Psychic Giovanna ext. 5214 says, “We are attracting and creating a particular dynamic that reflects something we need to help us learn, grow, and evolve as a person. At some level we know this, which allows us to play a part in the rubber band cycle. We are refusing to acknowledge something about ourselves at some level that needs transformation. We don’t get it, so we keep banging our heads against the wall, unfortunately, expecting a different (elusive) result. The other person in the rubber band cycle is in the same boat we are. He or she is attracting us, our baggage, the same situation and is not learning, or getting what they’re supposed to, out of the relationship. Round two… three, etc.

“Beyond the initial core dynamics of the players, the parts can be broken down further into the categories of either making peace with the relationship and staying with it or releasing it (and the person), fully and finally letting it go so that you can move forward. The question then becomes a matter of determining what the purpose of the relationship is in your life. Are you maintaining this relationship to avoid feeling alone, worthless, rejected, or like a relationship failure in your eyes, or in those of others?  Are there status, financial or material reasons? Or, are you returning to the relationship because you have a sense of positive purpose and/or reason in it for both of you?”

Psychic Astrid ext. 5720 says, “Most of us have experienced a breakup with someone who was very important to us. We each will deal with it in our own way, although we all share the same emotions around a breakup. Breakups are hard on both woman and men. Culture teaches men to suppress their emotions or to give off a persona of being insensitive and unmovable, hard and maybe even cold. Men are not emotionally unattached and don’t simply move on without any thought or feelings. The only differences between men and woman is in how men and woman communicate and express themselves.

“There is a wide range of different reasons why people break up. One person may feel that their interests, feeling, beliefs and values aren’t as well matched as they thought. Maybe one person has developed feelings for someone else, or that their just not interested in having a serious relationship right now. The reason for a breakup is as different as each relationship and the people involved.”

Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 says: “Let’s be honest, no matter what the reasons, or who is breaking up with whom, it’s a process that will bring change, and at least some pain, if not a major broken heart. Change is always hard for humans, however life is change, so try not to hide from living your life because of fear. Remember F.E.A.R. stands for False Emotions Appearing Real! This is why we are ‘afraid’ of taking action, and we lack confidence in our own feelings. Self-esteem can sometimes keep someone locked into an unhealthy relationship, so self-examination is an absolute requirement.

“Clarity is hard to come by when we’re looking at such an emotionally charged issue. Get a clear space alone, and really look at your own behaviors and actions first. It’s easy to point and blame, but it’s much more satisfying to get honest with yourself and grow. So it’s important to think about the situation when your mind is clear and sober. Be honest with yourself about it and try not to dramatize it. That’s great for getting attention, but it really sucks for finding out what is truly going on in your life!”

Are you going through a breakup? Call a psychic to get some peace!

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