Psychic Quinn: Valentine’s Day Expectations

Whoops! Cupid Missed

St. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and dreams of rings, flowers and chocolates dance in our heads. Cupid and his little bow and arrow are flying around the room taking aim and whoops, you got popped in the butt and you’re in love. There could be dinner at your favorite restaurant and oysters on the half shell just waiting on ice to turn you on. Or, a real “what the heck” moment like this could happen: The love of your life does not get down on one knee and pop the magic question. In fact, he gives you a stuffed animal and a card without signing it “With Love”!

Do you cry or just quietly eat the food? Do you take him home and hold out on the sex? Or do you take the stuffed animal and card, put it away, say “thank you” and never see him again? Boy, I tell ya, holidays of the romantic kind are not easy on a girl.

You were sure he was going to propose even though you have only been seeing him for six months. And what about the couples who have been together six years and no ring on any finger? Another Valentine’s Day shot to hell. We go home, cry and think maybe it is time for a new man. We want the one who will give us presents and want to marry us and on the most romantic day of the year will show some love. You want love, not just sex and the love might make up for his inability to pick out a good gift for you. After all, the toaster he got you for your birthday toasts bagels without burning them, so that’s pretty good. You really thought you were going to get a new car, but you just got tires instead. Is there something wrong with you?

We are here for you on this holiday of love (and every other day for that matter). Tissues in hand and crying like a baby, you want to know why your guy doesn’t show you the kind of love you want and deserve. We can look at his chart, his sign and his cycle and figure out what’s going on with him. So dry your eyes, take the virtual hugs we offer and move forward with no grudges against this man.

Here are some things I’d like you to remember about Valentine’s Day:

1. Do not allow this holiday (or any romantic holiday) to mess with your head or relationship.

2. Presents are just material things.

3. If he is not telling you in the card that he loves, talk to him about it.

4. Consider the other days of the year and how he treats you.

5. Forgive his lack of emotional communication.

6. Be thankful you have a boyfriend who took you to dinner.

7. Know that there is always next year

The romantic holidays can be a drain on a man’s wallet. A lot of women expect expensive gifts and many men have so much trouble shopping for the women they love. One of the best gifts a woman can give her man on romantic holidays is a little understanding.

Remember, if Cupid misses your heart, call one of your favorite psychics! I’m here for you too!

9 thoughts on “Psychic Quinn: Valentine’s Day Expectations

  1. quinn ext. 5484

    happy to see you PSYCHIC REED AND PSYCHIC TAJAH –

    teddy bears, chocolates, flowers and lots of love…
    reed, nice of you to tell the spiritual side of this lovers holiday.


  2. Tajah

    My hubby gave me a over sized Teddy Bear last night! I hope everyone has the Happiness and Love they desire!
    Happy Valentine’s Day World!

    Thanks Quinn you’re Awesome!

    Tajah Ext. 5732

  3. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Nicely said, Quinn! I’ve had many callers lately who are anxious about Valentine’s Day.

    There were at least 2 different saints named Valentine. One of the more popular stories told of Saint Valentine is that he performed weddings for soldiers who were not legally allowed to marry and he ministered to Christians during a time when Christianity was punishable by law. After he was imprisoned, he healed the daughter of his jailer.

    The spirit of Valentine’s Day is certainly about love, but not necessarily romantic love. Don’t let those candy or diamond commercials mask the true spirit of the day.

    Reed x5105

  4. Monique

    We were a couple for three year and he dicided no more two years ago only best friends.should I still hope for this Valentine Day that he change his mined?

  5. LJ Innes

    Quinn – OM Goodness! You have a way with words that I love. Informational, funny and compassionate – Great Article.

  6. bella

    Dear Ms Quinn ,

    Thank You ONCE again 4 my reading ON Friday nite , BUT since then I can see I do have rain clouds IN the romantic dept , SO at least I know how my Valentines Days forecast/weekend will BE going just another day @ the office !! Thank You many blessings 2 you & yours !! xoxo :))


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