Your 30-Day Mercury Forecast for February 13 – March 13, 2013

Heads Up! Mercury Goes Retrograde This Month

With the winged one in imaginative Pisces, creativity is at a high, along with positive intentions. Unfortunately, however, even the best intentions aren’t enough to trump Mercury Retrograde (starts February 23). Get a detailed horoscope from astrologer Psychic Elliot ext. 5862 and be prepared for Mercury Retrograde.

Read on to find out what Mercury means to you this month!


Objectivity is hard to come by, and this is only complicated when Mercury turns Retrograde February 23. On the upside, you’re feeling quite in touch emotionally—just don’t let that prompt you to act!


Your artistry is highlighted and creative endeavors and encouraged. However, be aware that you’re quick to overreact to outside stimuli. Misunderstandings are the hallmark of Mercury Retrograde.


Your normal, intellectual acumen may feel a bit fuzzy during this time. It’s to be expected. Rather than expect clarity, focus on developing your imagination. What you dream now, could be transformed into reality once the fog is lifted. Need help finding clarity in a complicated situation? A reading with Psychic Nicolina ext. 5671 can help. Call today!


Emotions are in charge right now, Cancer. Luckily for you, this is nothing new. Steel yourself from taking negative information personally and you will find yourself sheltered. Your hard-earned self-awareness is your guide.


Don’t allow your active imagination to fool you into believing something that’s not true. Stretching the truth is typical under the influences in play mid-February, and it will come back to bite you once the Retrograde rolls around!


This is a tough one for you, Virgo. Everything has a sort of impressionistic feel at the moment, particularly communications. There’s no use trying to apply your laser logic. Sit back and enjoy the wonders of your imagination.


You might just enjoy this influence, Libra. A Piscean Mercury conjures artistry and beauty. The trouble comes when it throws off the real-world balance. Don’t make any hasty decisions until the Retrograde ends late March.

“Astrology is a form of a person’s spirit connecting with their life’s destiny for their life path.” – Psychic Vivienne ext. 5489


Introspection is already on your menu this month, Scorpio. Now Mercury in Pisces helps you to express it. She also throws a wrench in your plans for concrete decision making. Don’t worry… that time will come—just not yet.


Don’t give into the urge to overindulge in alcohol, food or a toxic relationship. Mercury is already clouding your judgment—you don’t want her to create bad habits too. This is the wrong kind of adventure.


Don’t self-aggrandize, goat, as this may be your tendency under this influence. Be careful to keep your words in line with reality—and don’t fall for anyone else’s self-aggrandizement, either!


There’s a general sense of optimism all around you, Aquarius. Don’t let that lead to jumping the gun on any proposals, contracts or other matters of communication. Mercury Retrograde has a way of mucking up even the best laid plans. Better to ride it out.


Your strengths and weaknesses are highlighted, so be sure to play to the former and protect yourself against the latter. Don’t wallow. Dream. Then act to make those dreams a reality rather than simply indulging in fantasy!

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