Psychic Nadya: Empowering You for the Next Steps

Are You Ready to Get to the Next Step in Your Life?

Nadya ext. 5347 was aware of her psychic abilities in childhood and developed them through meditation, mentors and healing work. Her style is compassionate and inspirational, tempered with humor, courtesy of her spirit guides. Nadya quickly tunes into your energy by asking you to state your name three times, and briefly explain your question. During her readings, she uses Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience to access the Akashic records, divine realms, along with her own guides and your guides and angels. Her guides provide confirmation, usually in the form of a loud “yes” or a chill sensation. She sometimes channels her guides, though her voice doesn’t change dramatically. Nadya addresses questions in all areas, but is most passionate about life path, career, past lives and relationships/love. “Although information about future potentials can be helpful,” she notes, “It must be balanced with insight and guidance on how to help callers take actions in the present to help them create their ideal future.” Nadya is a no-tools reader, but can use Angel Cards upon request.

We sat down with Nadya for an interview and got some excellent information.

How did she start out as a psychic?

“I was born with it. I feel that as a child, I was aware of a lot of psychic info.—things going on in the family and a lot of spirit communication that happened. I didn’t have anyone to talk to in the family. It was a religious family and very traditional. I think that, in some ways, I pushed my abilities to the side for a while, even as a teenager, and then I had some really profound experiences in my late teens and early twenties that caused me to open back up into my gifts. Through mentorship and experiences with my spirit guides, I embraced intuitiveness, and from there I decided to pursue psychology and hypnotherapy to help people from a counseling perspective. But so much of the psychic info. was coming through in my sessions with people that I decided to focus on my psychic work above everything. People were moving through therapy faster, finding what they needed faster and getting the results they wanted instead of spending so many sessions trying to get there. And I was doing mentorships to help people with psychic gifts open up to their abilities.”

She also shared some of her most notable successes with us.

“One of the biggest was a client that was very afraid to go out on her own and start her business. We’d been getting guidance on her leaving the job and starting her business, and it took a few sessions to repeat the info. We helped her look at her fears realistically, before she took that leap. Her business has been wildly successful, and it opened new opportunities that she didn’t expect. She still stays in touch.

“There’s also one client I have, who’s very stuck in a relationship, and having a hard time leaving it. We were getting guidance that leaving was his best choice, and through leaving he was able to be in a much more connected relationship moving towards marriage. He is happy, and on-purpose in his life.

“Another was a client who had lost her engagement ring. She needed the ring because she was counting on selling it. Her ex had stopped paying support and she was without a job, and had no means of supporting her kids. Through a reading, I helped her find the ring in her house, and she was able to sell the ring and get the money she needed. I helped her transition from a hard time to having hope to move into something better.

“I’ve helped many clients find their career path, or affirm they’re on the right career path. I do a lot with helping people open into their own intuitive abilities and affirming people’s gifts. They’re always big successes in my eyes. I have a lot of psychics as clients.

“I also do a lot of past life and relationship stuff, especially with women transitioning between relationships. I get more women in that space than male clients. Past life stuff often plays into that, more often than not. It can help people who want an understanding of the hard stuff they’ve been through. Once they understand it, they can move past it and go forward in an empowered way. I try to mix very practical tools—whatever I’m guided to share with them—with spiritual insight and understanding. A lot of times people just need to hear that something had to happen for a reason, and then they can take whatever clear practical steps they need to take.”

If she could help people in the world to realize one thing, what would it be?

“I’d want them to realize that they’re fully connected to the divine, and have the power to change their lives for the better. I’d want them to really see their strengths and where they’ve persevered and prevailed in their lives and to draw on those small successes and positive experiences to envision something bigger and better for themselves. I’d encourage them to take charge and take a leap of faith; to try it and see if it works, see if it changes their lives, and generally that’s all it takes. People feel empowered to take whatever next steps follow after that point. A lot of people feel stuck and can’t feel a way out, because there’s an option they maybe can’t see. Sometimes it really does take a reading for somebody—a psychic advisor or somebody else in their life—to show them another direction. For most people, if they’re willing to take that step and get out of their own heads, they can feel that support and work up the courage to see another way out.”

What can Nadya ext. 5347 see for you?

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    I would like to get more information on an old love relationship that has resurfaced actively for me…..I am convinced that this person will return in my life….soon….I have an existing relationship of over 23 years…..I need to get an idea on what’s going on in my life right now!


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