Venus: Ruling Planet Power

Astrology: The Unknown Impact of the Zodiac’s Goddess of Love

Each of the planets have power over certain dominions. Though Venus is popularly known as the master of all things love-related in astrology, this ruler of Taurus and Libra is actually so much more. Embodying the sentiment like attracts like, Venus is a fundamental part of attraction and thereby, holds the key to abundance across the board!

All About Ideals

Sure, Venus represents a romantic ideal. But it’s more than just your relationship status this planet hopes to make perfect. Venus has an interest in justice for all (hence her ties to Libra), as well as the desire to beautify surroundings (et voila, Taurus is the zodiac’s artist). Depending on where Venus falls in your chart (and on any given day), you’ll find things line up easier or harder, naturally. That’s because it’s this planet’s aim to avoid obstacles, helping us all achieve harmony. No wonder Venus goes retrograde less frequently than any other planet! She doesn’t want to make a fuss!

Of course sometimes a fuss can’t be avoided, which is where things get rocky. But Venus does her best to keep life (and love) running smoothly. How?

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Her Head’s in the Clouds, But Her Feet are Firmly Planted

Though the uninitiated might imagine a planet represented by the goddess of love is all fluff and no substance, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Libra, after all, is a master of compromise and skilled at negotiation, while Taurus is all about staying grounded in our bodies (and the moment), where we’re better able to engage disruptive forces. Indeed, Venus (as ruler of the blood and venous system) is the force that keeps us flowing toward our own highest purpose. Like Taurus, she moves slowly sometimes, asking us to truly digest information before we make decisions. She wants us to be whole, whether single or part of a pair.

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And Finally, Venus Ignites Your Passion

Sure, Mars is the ruler of sex, the more aggressive of the relationship planets. However, it’s Venus that sparks interest, attraction and desire. Learn to work with this planet and you’ll find yourself more engaged with life on a grand scale. The details will enamor you and inspire your dedication. You’ll put out what you want to get back and find your relationships transforming. You’ll feel vibrant and alive and in love with the world around you. Why? Because above all others, the relationship Venus most promotes is the one you have with yourself!

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