Psychic Jesse: Out and Proud

Psychic Jesse ext. 9027 is a master Tarot card reader and past-life regressionist. Her compassionate heart and genuinely caring spirit make her a very popular psychic—and as an out lesbian, Jesse ext. 9027 has some important insights on reading for the gay community. We caught up with her for an excellent interview covering many issues facing the gay community—and the world.

First off, how does she identify?

“I’m a lesbian; I’ve been out and outrageous since I was sixteen. I think that being a psychic was more frightening for the people who knew me than the fact that I was gay. But growing up in the South as a gay person was dangerous. And I had a couple of friends who were killed specifically because they were gay. I don’t think any cause is as close to my heart as trying to get equality for our community. In a world where we’ve got unbelievably cruelty, where the earth itself is transforming to try and get rid of us, and human compassion is literally dying on the vine, to spend so much energy hating one group of people just because they love someone who looks like them instead of someone who doesn’t has got to be the most profane thing I can imagine.”

What’s it like reading for gay callers?

“As a psychic, the first thing I do is make sure that I use gender neutral terms. I’m not going to assume everyone’s straight. The handful of gay people I do have on a regular basis do say they appreciate that. Psychically, for me anyway, there really is a difference in the energy if the person is gay and out or in the closet. The energy literally feels so different. It’ll be a beautiful day when everyone feels strong enough and safe enough to be out.”

What topics do gay callers usually ask about?

“If a person is in the closet, there’s always an element of restriction. Some of the things I would urge them to do they can’t, because they stay in closet—so they can’t confront someone who’s harassing them. They can’t leave a relationship if they’re married to someone. Suddenly their life becomes very enclosed. One of the things I try to tell people who are in the closet is, if you’re having to hobble yourself so much to keep the love of this person, then maybe you need to rethink what love is. If someone’s going to turn away from you because you have spoken your truth, then that person never loved you to start with, that person loved the illusion of you.”

Do you feel gay people face judgment in the psychic and spiritual community? Is it the same, less, more?

“I’ve only run into a couple people who were psychic and homophobic. They were not good psychics! There’s a very distinct link between being nonjudgmental and being psychic. it’s impossible to be a really good psychic and judge anyone. This is the most important thing about being a psychic—we’re not here to just tell the future, we’re also here to provide comfort and solace to where that person is at that moment in their life. If someone ends a reading with me and they don’t feel better than they did when I first picked up the phone, I have done them a great disservice.”

Does she feel that gay people can inherently be deeply spiritual?

“Absolutely, and this is not just because I’m a lesbian. The truth is that many Native American tribes looked at gay people as being ‘two-spirits,’ and they were holy, because they could actually transcend the body they were in and be attracted to somebody who looked like them. I believe that when you’re really transcending the cultural norms that you’ve been raised in, it makes you a very powerful spirit. I hope a day comes when people aren’t afraid to speak any truth, and I think that’s coming. 2011 is a year of big transformation. Nothing incredible is going to happen on December 21, 2012. There is, however, an incredible amount of change that’s happening in 2011. From beginning to end, this entire year is about transformation. The Earth itself is transforming, which is why we’re seeing all these disasters. People are going to be feeling the need to stop living lies—more now than ever. That includes straight people who are in dreadful relationships, gay and lesbians who need to come out, transgendered people who need to speak their truth. It’s all happening in 2011. The more you fight it, the more you’ll regret it.”

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9 thoughts on “Psychic Jesse: Out and Proud

  1. alexandra4011

    I like what Jesse has said, as an out lesbian in New Zealand I find that the spiritual community is very nonjudgmental,
    I love living here in this country and at this time

  2. Debbie

    Jesse is a great psychic and you can also tell that she is a wonderful person. So happy to hear that she is living her truth it can only add to her success!

  3. Kathleen m Dean

    Thank you Jesse for the wonderful article. Had a Great reading with Kim yesterday. Did not mention the word identity. You see I once worked for many Gay Doctors and with MANY NURSES. Perhaps someone remembers ELLIS DRESNER, MD, MRCP. Most people forget how people were beaten and arrested. Just wanted to share. Thank you for helping me and listening. Kathleen

  4. Marie Elaine Cook

    Personally, I am non-judgemental. “Judge not, that you shall not be judged”. Only a “perfect” person or entity can do that; I haven’t met any so far, and I have been “around the block” a couple of times! Good luck to all of us; let us have a positive mind so that we can achieve the full potential of our humaness. Let us trully love!

  5. misskrystal

    Thank you, Jesse, for your total honesty, and opening up, on something, that you used your free will to share. Actually, I could never understand why some people cared about another person’s romantic preferences….I see it as not any different than what type of man, my female pal’s want to love or be with. Why? Because it is not any of my business, and, also, that our friendship has nothing to do with their personal and romantic life. However, the same goes for other types of relationships in my life-whether it be in business, pleasure, or, any type of rapport that I have, with any person, as long as they are nice to me, I could care less what town they are from, what they do for a living, what culture they are from, or, what their sexual preference and lifestyle is.

    I hope your article wakes up the masses, and, especially, for those who feel they want to hide, due to not wanting to be open, in society, to express their romantic lifestyle. Also, I am very sorry that you went through, Jesse, what you did, but I met you, last year, and all I could think was what a sweet spirited and evolved human being you were.

    Last, you are a very special person to not only me, but your clients, and your friends! Now that you just shared this, I hope everyone realizes that they could talk to you about anything, and you will listen, with total respect!! I always felt I could talk to you, without any judgement, and I treasure that. THANKS.
    Miss Krystal

  6. -quinn ext. 5484

    dear jesse – loved your article. when my sister came out she was dating a gal who was in medical school. being a jewish family, when my sister announced she was gay and dating a doctor my mom said oh darling thats wonderful dating a doctor!!!
    go figure. so many people in my family are gay. growing up my sisters and i wondered were the gay gene came from -come to find out my dads side of the family is loaded with gays. thanks to facebook and one cousin who did a family tree and a family facebook page we all got to meet, the gays the straights the whatevers… loads of talent and brillance, i was wowed by the family tree.
    my cousin and his partner made a film about their life together (over 25 years) that won awards and showed in ny this summer at a film festival – the family that could go showed up and all did lunch together after the film showing. i couldn’t go but enjoyed the wow’s written on facebook.
    i never understood what gender had to do with anything. loving a persons spirit, heart and soul is the way i roll.
    thank you jesse for sharing your story and love.
    -quinn ext. 5484

  7. victoria dizon

    Psychic Jesse has wonderful comments,and thank God she’s gay and out…
    I’m gay and out from the Philippines,and this is no easy thing. Nevertheless life moves forward.

    I would like to communicate with ms.Jesse on the level of being spiritual,lesbian,woman,and psychic…is this possible? In other words,to become friends from across the oceans and to exchange experiences and life challenges…

    Thank you

  8. Gary

    I disagree that recent “natural disasters” are the result of “gay and lesbians who need to come out”. This, again, is a most biased and prejudiced position…not any different than that of those who disrespect gays and lesbians. We are ALL different. We cannot all confirm to the parameters that Jesse thinks we should. She apparently thinks that all gays and lesbians should be like her…Whoa! Some of us who are gay do not feel it necessary to announce it to the world. Even if everyone who knows us is aware, some of us feel comfortable in our own skin…we know who we are and don ‘t stand on a pedestal and proclaim it to the world. Why can’t we all just get along? Why do we feel it necessary to denigrate those different from ourselves? The truth of spirituality is loving others, even those who have not officially come out. I do not believe it is possible to pigeonhole people. For Jesse to make the remarks she did, states her denial of the diversity of people and hence, God’s creation. I’m here, I’m different from Jesse and I’m not causing “disasters”.


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