3 Ways to Seduce a Virgo

Cleanliness Can Go With Naughtiness!

Don’t mistake pristine Virgo for a prude. These subdued sexpots are actually quite adventurous. They’re just discerning. It takes a certain, special someone to attract Virgo’s interest sexually. Once you’ve got it, however, you’re in for the ride of your life!

Here’s the down-low on the clean sign’s dirty side!

Fantasy as Foreplay

It should come as no surprise that the way to intellectual Virgo’s heart is through their head. Naughty books, videos or a little dirty talk go a long way with this imaginative sign. And for goodness sake, don’t be shy. For Virgo more than anyone, the devil is in the details. Share your deepest, darkest secret fantasies with (ahem) blow-by-blow descriptions, and the Virgin will respond in kind. Just don’t be surprised by what they reveal! Virgo may seem demure, but there are some saucy skeletons in that closet – many of which you may find extremely enticing!

Sacred Sexual Space

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the zodiac knows that Virgo is pristine in terms of cleanliness. This goes for both body and home, with no space as vital to a Virgin as their boudoir. Indeed, the bedroom is a Virgo’s lair, setting the stage for peaceful sleep and sensational sex. Like it or not, they’ll expect the same of you. While you may not be as meticulous as your Virgin lover in terms of decor, you will need to be sure your bedroom is tidy and functional. You’ll also want to take care of yourself. Look good, smell good, taste good. Always wear clean underwear (and everything else!). You get the drift.

Water Worship

On a similar note, there’s no better sign than Virgo to indulge in showers and baths together as part of your romantic repartee. Virgo will take pleasure in cleaning you up – the Virgin is a sign who was born to service – and spoiling you after. They’ll luxuriate in your freshly washed wonder, giving you a sensual, Earth Sign experience you’re not likely to ever forget!

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32 thoughts on “3 Ways to Seduce a Virgo

  1. Marta

    I date two Virgo men,one is a bachelor all hs life, had many live in girlfriends, but stayed away from commited himself. A true bachelor he is 79, and a fantastic person very kind and caring but we are just very good friends no commintments, we have been closer lately with a closer relationship, we have been dating for 3 years, not too often, but calls me every night.does not use the word love ,or any caring words.
    how can I get him to be more loving and closer to be more than juat a good friend.?
    Bill the other friend, is the opposite, very loving,and he is 73 I’m 76, we get along well we borth are Virgos, and he has a close relationship with me. But we live far apart,and I do the driving to see him, due to his work he is a broker, works on loans, and needs to be close to his work at home,his work is very important to him. When it comes to love his great although he can’t can’t get an erection… but there ismany ways he makes love to me. Tell me how two Virgos can be so different.?

  2. Anthony

    I am a virgo male. And everything is dead on for me, except the Cleanliness part. myself yes, but surroundings and bedroom not necessarily, I will pick up, straighten up, but I give up because things must be organized, and i will focus on a single corner until it is perfect. Half the time it takes me so long to get a small section done, that i give up on the rest.

  3. Lakenya Walker

    My I don’t usually go for all the psychic talk but… these readings are dead on.. I’m a Scorpio & my bae is virgo.. we shower every morn and nite together. Very sensual, desirable and pleasing. #best lover eva

  4. Eve

    I am a scorpio and I have had experience with two virgos in my life one of which is going on at this time. I have never in my life been more attracted to any man then I am a virgo man. We hit it off almost instantly and have a wonderful time in the sheets. We also have a very strong and deep connection its like we talk to one another without saying a word. He is very sweet, understanding, and very clean when it comes to his hygiene and He always smells wonderful. I could go on forever about this Virgoan Adonis 🙂 I am definitely going to do everything in my power to never let him get away!! This article is dead on when it comes to my man!

  5. maria

    Oh my goodness! I have a virgo and let me tell you the water thing is tremendous andwe can’t wait too make love in the rain waiting for the day a warm rain and sunny day appear 😉 the sex is outrageous and the lovemaking (oh Yea!) perfect partner yes just took me to read about the sign since we have been having trouble in the keeping things in department on his side but now that I know a little more about the sign I think we can rekindle this for better more;)

  6. Anne

    Very enlightening about Virgos, I am a Virgo and I think we are the sexiest sign in the zodiac.
    Yes clean bed, clean body equals what?
    I am very particular almost to OCD about the cleanliness in my surroundings. I too like a man to smell good be clean shave and keep his manly hair under control. For me. Sometimes the head to the heart
    is hard for other signs to understand. Once they get it watch out. I am really a Virgo in all aspects of my life.
    Thank you for letting me share.

    1. aka Bob

      Anne i need some advice. I am “Good’ friends with a virgo woman. we are both married but not to each other no sex yet but we are getting very close. we share some very intimate hugs and I tell how much i’d Love to get her in bed. what are some ways and places I can touch her while we hug that will turn her on the Most ? shoot me a em

  7. judy

    Im in love with a Virgo, and he is very clean about himself, but not his surroundings. His house although not filthy by any stretch, as we’ve become closer, he has lost the desire to present a clean home. His bathtub isn’t always clean, there’s hair all over the bathroom floor, he throws his clothes all over the floor and thinks nothing of slinging a pair of shoes on the bed. He is NOT a neatnik. He’s a man’s man, and although he fits in with the “discerning, intelligent, servicer type; clean freak is NOT his middle name. I am a sagittarious and I am ocd about clean surroundings. My man has tools all over, his dining room table is covered in things. Not what this Virgo description states. He does love the water, and he loves to shower and bath you though. But a clean and neat house? no.

  8. Jen

    Very true indeed. I’m a female virgo and this is how exactly I am. I really don’t understand though how can the movements of stars and planets and all affect the way people are.

  9. AngelEyes

    I’m a Virgo. This article really defines us quite well..
    The cleanliness, neatness, and fantasy (fairy tale) in the relationship world are all so true… !! I’m a very romantic, passionate, charming person that most men find hard to resist.

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  11. Lavern

    Virgo’s are deep, passionate, lovers with minds like elephants that never passion spent with any lover. They indulge in steamy long showers, romantic bubble baths, and sexy, seductive body washes anyone would love to experience such Royal treatment only a true virgo can give. Dirty talk is just icing on the Supreme cake experience from virgo’s

  12. Anna Gibson

    I’m a single female Virgo that can not live without a hot, clean jacuzzi. If I happen to come across a man I find myself sexually attractive to. I’m practical I’m thinking, Jacuzzi not only cleans him, it gives us a chance to check each others half naked bodies out. As for adventures, I’m so there for a little midnight skinny dipping. Life is good! :))

  13. True Virgo

    This article is so true about Virgos. This article knows me very well. I love my man (Scorpio) to look good, smell good and the shower thing is breath taking…..love….love….love. We are so in love with each other and the sex is just the ultimate. I am a clean neat freak! But he is the exact say way so this is great.Go Virgo’s!!!!!!

  14. Lucky Virgo

    Well i’ll tell you what ,you hit the nail right on the head . My fianc’e said she has never experienced anything like she has with me(virgo) . I also love washing her ,we take a shower together everyday and its great . She never would let anyone in the shower with her till I came into her life.

  15. lulu

    LOL! this little virgo overview brought a smile to my face specially wiht the cleanly desire for my partner i always feels more open in the bedroom when he is just taken a shower as a matter a fact i chase after him if i know he just took a shower and a clean bed room and neat bed is a turn on. and although we can be flighty at times cause we are cught in our fantacy world we are very focus individuals and are turned on with someone real point of view and or can teach us something.

  16. jp2859

    Virgos and Aquarians don’t mix, Find yourself a cap, if you just want to have a steamy relationship with no attachments,becauses caps are all about me people,but they are great in the bedroom,at least mine was. he allowed me to be myself and be very uninhibited.

  17. Edward Bailey

    My Fiance’ is a Virgo, And she Loves the Water; She Has a Positive Attitude, In the Bedroom, And Never Disappoints; She Makes Me Very Happy!

  18. jacket

    true, every inch of the way…yeah, the water bit and the ‘fantasy foreplay-heart thru the head’ bit, absolutely!! And i love the “subdued sexpot” comment here…lol!

  19. jaff

    im a virgo, this article proved me that ,they know me better than myself and all is true. in addition virgos r truly real humans.

  20. A*****

    lmao this artical is mostly true as a Virgo i love 2 be clean & the water is so sexy & im willin 2be a lil freak 4mi man but im also shy so hes in 4 a treat i hope he sticks around & while i cant wait 2get wild w/him in an ally in busy city id love it if we were 2 make love in the shower or a bath ;} YUMMY wha i cant wait till mi man & i ………. night night *A*

  21. Pam Johnson

    Married 0ne if I asked for sex more than one time a month he said I was sex crazy.
    I am aquarius. We have been separted for 18 yrs, he doesn’t seem to want a divorce
    He says he only wanted to be married once even thou he lives with them……..
    Dated another Virgo, that is all he though about, we have been split for 2 months
    he was not a responable man.

  22. Precilia

    Ooh my goodness this is me.About a guy’s looks,smells and cleanliness and especially undies-how will I kis and make love and I have to deal with nasty smells….

  23. Trish

    After reading this I can’t wait to jump in bed and the shower with my Virgo!(I’m a Taurus so we see eye to eye on sensuality)

  24. Ronald Stuckey

    My daughter is a virgo, and I myself being single never knew what to expect from a Virgo. My daughter is flighty, so that is the picture I got. I’ll rethink an encounter with Virgo should that come to past.


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