Is Your Lost Love Coming Back?

Heal and Move Forward

You’re still in love, but the other person has moved on. You hope they will contact you, but time keeps going by. Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 is specially equipped, utilizing a combination of tarot, astrology, and guidance from her spirit guides and angels, to help you find peace and hope through heartbreak.

Will He or She Come Back?

Amelia often guides callers who have lost love. “I’ll get tarot cards, and see if there’s going to be an ending, and I’ll see in the energy, is she going to be the one to leave, or is he going to be the one to leave? So it gets complicated. Often in the end, men are really more devastated by a breakup than women.”

When to Let Go

“I ask them, is he really the kind of man that you want to spend the rest of your life with, beyond the fantasy of acquiring something that you can’t have? Because it’s human nature to want what you can’t have. The less you have of it the more you want it.”

“If they say yes, then I say you’ve just got to understand that maybe he isn’t really the one that God had planned for you to have in your life, that there was a lesson and that he came along for a reason.”

Astrology Reveals Life Lessons

“Usually a planetary position in their chart is attached to a lesson that they’ve got to learn. It’s often a lesson to recognize the reality and deal with this part of their life. If you can understand the cycles and what’s happening in your chart, you’ll better understand what your lessons are supposed to be. I usually know, with the cards, and with intuitive knowing, that this pain is just a temporary cycle, that there’s a lesson to be learned.”

“The tarot cards will tell me that they’re in a state of preparation. You’re preparing to have somebody that is much better suited for you than this one because if he was supposed to be in your life then he would be.”

How to Find Healing and Move Forward

“This is a very painful process to go through, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. And I tell them, if I was a magic fairy and I had a magic wand, and I knew this was going to make you happy, I’d go POOF! And I’d put him in your life tomorrow if I thought that was a good thing for you.”

But there’s a reason this man was in your life. And there’s a reason why he’s not in your life. There’s a reason for him to be gone because there’s something else that is coming down the road. You’ve got to just trust the process and your spirit guides and God, and know that there’s a better plan for you. So that really is the ultimate message to healing.”

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7 thoughts on “Is Your Lost Love Coming Back?

  1. Steev

    Cindy, off the top of my head i’d guess you are a little less naive & gullible now and you now know better what to look for in conjobs & you learned that you are indeed fallible – you could consider that to be a beneficial lesson. I don’t know the particulars of your situation, but mabey he was the recipient of the lesson and you were the tool which taught him GUILT – mabey others who read this interaction will draw some sort of benefit or emotional relief from reading it. The possibilities are endless !

  2. nicole

    i jus cnt seem to get over what has happen to me and my 2 yr old son…i was in love with his father only to find out he had another child while we wer 2gether,and now he simply has nothing 2 do with my son or should i deal with this?

  3. Mary

    Yes, everything happens for a reason, but we must not forget that humans with cheating, unfaithful hearts, find only shortlived happiness, they reap what they sow. The truehearted of us lick our wounds and will be cautious, while those that befoul the true plans, instead of learning to be true to the goodhearted, must always know that joy gotten by cruelty, eventually ends with karma biting angrily at those that cheat and deceive the hearts of the true. Human manipulation interferes with the true plans.

  4. Steev

    Everything happens for a reason – I used to think that life was nothing but positives, negatives and inbetweens, but in the last few months i’ve come to realize that all people who intersect with our lives are a positive and there are no negatives or inbetweens because whether in subtlety or brashness it has taught us a lesson of how the universe works, how our lives unfold & how we are all interconnected – more and more i’ve come to realize that fate has NO POWER over destiny ( the Lords plan ) and that all contact with others are not merely coincedence and can go no other way than the way he planned it, yes sometimes it can be heartwreching ( believe me, i know ) but she has impacted my heart and that can only be a good thing. Whether it was a good thing for me or it was a good thing for her i don’t really know – i tend to think both of us benefitted in some way and maybe even others did too ( in a spiritual sense )..

  5. cindy

    I had a guy come into my life and I thought he was my true love. turned out he was a con man. why and how was this suppose tohappen for a reason and what lesson was i suppose to learn

  6. shawneice

    that was so positive and thethe the information was easy hhy to take in and i would put it tt t it to use.. it made getting over someone easy when you know know something made for you could be on the way


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