Psychic Eve Explores Friends With Benefits

How Will This Relationship Play Out?

Psychic Eve ext. 5313 has been aware of her gifts since she was very young, often visualizing events before they occurred. She now uses her gifts as a clairaudient, empath, and medium to bring insight to callers in areas including business, deceased loved ones, and love and relationships. She told me, “I get a lot of callers on love and romance. And they’ll tell me how much I’ve helped them, and that I’ve showed them the light. That makes me feel good.” In relationships, she encourages people to clearly communicate their feelings and intentions, especially as the relationship grows and changes. Check out her insights on the issues that occur in friends with benefits relationships in the video below. 

Don’t Throw it All Away

As Eve explains in the video, even if you’re starting to wish the relationship would go in another direction, share that thought with your partner first before just giving up. “If you’re feeling you need more out of this relationship, talk it out, discuss it. Don’t just come to that conclusion and chuck it all away. There may be hope there.” If you’re feeling that your friends with benefits relationship might be evolving into something deeper, you may want to give that possibility a chance. Eve gives tips on how to open up this conversation: “You can say I would like to know where we’re going; is there a future here for me? If not, things need to change.” Eve can help you decide if you should continue a friends with benefits relationship or aim for something more.

You’ll Find What You Want

Eve encourages her callers to hold on to hope: “You’ll find what you want: it’s out there. There’s a cover for every pot, you just have to find it.” In a recent conversation, Eve shared more tips with me on what it actually takes to realize you’re with the right partner. “Get to know them. You don’t know them in even a month, or three months, or six months. It takes a good year to know someone for who they are. And then you’ll know if they’re the right one. There will be that sparkle, that connection with the eyes, that attraction. The attraction will be there, the chemistry will be there, and it’ll stay there if it’s true.”

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