6 Dirty Little Secrets of Men

What Men Don’t Want You to Know

While men may seem like open books to women, they still are capable of keeping certain aspects of their personalities secret. If you’re ready to get the lowdown on some “less than savory” secrets, read on!

1. Men don’t need romance. When it comes to sex, women may want or prefer all the romantic bells and whistles—such as candles, music, and roses—but if it were up to the men, they’d just prefer you (perhaps adorned in a cute teddy on occasion).

2. Every man has pictured you naked. It’s inherent in man’s nature to look at every woman and at times, imagine them au natural. This behavior is based on masculine instincts over which men seem to have little or no control, and rarely admit to women!

3. At some point, he has probably fantasized having sex with the other women in your life (friends, family, coworkers). Unfortunately, it’s also in man’s nature to imagine such primal actions even if he would never (ever) act on them.

“People we attract into our life are reflections of who we are, therefore become first what it is you want to attract.” – Rivers ext. 5273

4. Until pressed to admit he’s in a relationship, many men enjoy flirting with women, giving them the impression that he’s available. This doesn’t make him a scumbag unless it’s excessive. Like women, men like to feel desirable even if they are in a happy relationship. His flirting with another female in no way means he actually wants to be with that woman.

5. Most men will always be a little insecure about the size of their penis. They sometimes wonder if you would prefer a more generously endowed partner or if he has failed to live up to the dimensions of your former lovers.

6. Men are easily turned off by women who always complain about their bodies (and they are probably much less critical about your body than you are). It displays a lack of confidence, it makes them feel as though they have to serve as your personal self-confidence coach, and it has a dampening effect on mood for great sex.

“You must first decide that you are worthy of love and that your value to be loved is not determined by someone else but yourself.” – William ext. 5131

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52 thoughts on “6 Dirty Little Secrets of Men

  1. respect

    I got into a relationship 6 years ago I found him to be the rubber man rangi. At first things were great and we done a lot together, we talked and ‘HE’ shared with me things about his ex’s which startled me a bit to think that someone could do that to ‘him’ I was shocked I just listened then over the years I learnt that it wasn’t the ex’s it was ‘him’ and I told him that. I realised some places we would go and ‘he’ would have it already planned without me knowing ladies down to girls would just hang around when they would come to OUR home he would do and say some unbelievable things flirt right in front of me, slap that ass, move them in or they would move not far from were we were living easier access, drive bys EVERY where we went there was some one waiting, girl’s GIRL’s tapping on bedroom window he would go answer and have his foot in the door, drive bys park up next to us, go out and he would distract me so I really didn’t notice much but I observed, I woke up to his nieces and there was a few of them, his friends mrs, cousins, my sisters, and sister inlaw, nieces and grand daughter, my nephews mrs, if YOU had a BIG family like I did most girls he wouldn’t be to far and that is what I had 8 sisters one brother, my vehicles take them for joy rides and do burn outs, girls in it ( I didn’t know), but they would leave things in my car so I would notice, sabotage my cars so I was car less then I became just as good as him as a mechanic I watched, listened and learned for me and I must say I thank him for some thing knowledge that I now us to help others. getting back to the story he done ‘THEM’ all I approached them and s**t hit the fan I was kicked OUT rubber man rangi had some one else in his bed that night or he would be in some one else bed when approached again they ALL just totally lied caused havoc some thing they ALL started being GOOD at and I was the a**hole. Then I clicked again most of them were already waiting or already knew OUR moves way before I did I clicked on to that too kicked out again he was abusive, manipulating, violent, dictator I knew his every move after awhile I clicked on to him it wasn’t his ex’s it was him then at most times ‘HE’ would dump me for no apparent reason. Me and my daughters went out one night my youngest noticed rubber band man rangi in the corner with 2 ladies I was all good with that it was what happened later, me and my oldest daughter went out side stood by our car ready to leave and waited for the youngest to come out just before she come out we noticed 2 ladies coming out a side door and waiting by the door my youngest was going to walk out of WE both stood up and waited ready so ready my youngest come to the door opened it and then closed it lol the 2 ladies were ready to pounce on my daughter but she shut the door and we knew what was going down so we waited then she come out again just as she opened the door 1 lady stepped forward and my oldest called out to her and we both moved for ward so ready so dam ready we all hoped in the car drove off and never looked back got home safe and sound I must admit it was a GREAT night. 6 years of rubber band man rangi I have had enough I am no longer in the relationship, I have totally relocated and I hope immigration DON’T let him in to this country 🙂 . I have deleted even blocked many people from my fb page and have let them all go willingly and with a prayer ending with THANK YOU, as I have made myself New Years resolutions only 30 0f them and I am going to stick to them. I have made some really promising friends on fb and I am going to keep them all. I choose this Year for being a new start and I so can’t wait I feel it already with in my heart that they are here to help and listen just like I am. If I can do it so can YOU. I wish ALL near and far a happy New Year …

  2. Betty Hamline

    This is for Melli, I don’t know whether you will receive this but your comment scared me. You should not even consider it. Several of those countries have sex rings and any woman they can get hold of or CHILD, they will put them into sex rings. They are sold to anyone and everyone and the man gets the money. The women and the children often die from disease. There are several articles about these rings and what happens to their captives. You really need to look into this. Go somewhere safe here in the USA and get acquainted with others.
    Preferably with some people you can trust….make sure this is a safe situation and organization. At least if something goes wrong here in the USA if you have taken proper
    precautions you can get away and won’t dies of terrible diseases or be beaten to death. One needs to use their head and check out things out extremely welol before you let your heart get
    involved. It is a dangerous world any more. Betty H

  3. dorothy

    Men like to play head games well I’m away up on that I have had
    enough experience to totally ignore that bull-hit and stay clear I want an open romance or I’m perfectly happy alone.Let them have their fun
    but not at my expence.Sorry chump not worth it Hit the road Jack
    and don’t you come back the same way.

  4. Nancy

    Wow! That was very enlightening! Thank you for sharing these insights, William. I learned a few things and feel much better.

  5. Andrea

    What I don’t get is why men go after women who have no education, no values, no goals, or who are just plain bitches, controlling, etc.And then ignore the really good women. Do they not realize they are just setting themselves up for failure in the end?

    I can be a real bitch when I want to be if I am mad, but on my good side I am very charismatic & sexy & experimental, and adventurous in the bedroom.

    I have a hard time with a man being too clingy. Not sure why but I just do . I am afraid of commitment , and being stuck with somebody who drives me down in the gutter.

    Looking good is important, but so is feeling good. And when your not with the right person, it feels awful.

    I have my own dreams & goals, and I think if my partner truly cared about my well being he would just stay out of my way let me lose a bit of weight, let me find another job, and do what I want to do.And not try to make me feel guilty for doing so.

    Otherwise, he is not the man for me. I don’t like being dominated, I rather feel desirable, and life is too short to feel unwanted,ignored, or to be closed off from happiness.

  6. Andrea

    I actually feel ignored by my present partner, and that is why I am looking around for another opportunity. But I admit I would like to loose about 5 pounds, get a job,workout everyday, have a better sex life. But when I try my partner tries to make me feel guilty for wanting to be happy.

    Then he wonders why I cheated on him in the past. Well no wonder because I fee like crap.

    Other men have told me I am crazy to see myself so low because being 5″ 4 , 130 pds is not that bad. I used to weigh lower around 124- 126 pds, but I just feel so demotivated , and ugly, and out of place.

    I used to workout a lot for years before I met him. Being out of job, does not help much either . I even felt like this when I did work back in the summer time before I lost my job.

    I need a job, try to workout again everyday to get in shape, lose 5 pds, make new friends, and when I do get the opportunity to jump on it, and have a good time not only in the bedroom, but in mind & spirit

    Why? I need to be happy

  7. jean

    I am married and found out my husband has been (pardon my language) butt fucken my landlord and my landlord is doing the same to him…What do i do..I have been married for 27 years..My landlord wants me to try doing this with my husband…Confused…

  8. Alexandria

    @ melli

    I have heard many things about Turkey men. I am not sure if that is truth or not, but there are somethings we women should think of. They say Turkey men like cheating on their partners and they cant be trusted. Also, they love controlling their women and very bossy around. If I was you, I would look for a partner right in the U.S. and that would be easier in many ways. Wish you luck!

  9. tia

    Thats true ,But i feel like alot of you, Ive been married almost three years,it started out casual dating,we both was in relationships with other people.and he wanted to take what we had to another level,but me being a scorpio i wasnt goin there.now after twelve years of occasional hook up we both dumped the exs and got together,then after a year together we got married.He is a great guy but hes also a drunk, we have been through all the ups and downs but i know deep down hes cheating on me.he still conversates with all his exs and when i mention it he lies but most of the females send me messages saying that they talk on a regular. but he has the nerves to get mad if someones speaks too me or look at me.Theres a new one now he goes to his nephews on a regular but every thursday he claimes he got so drunk that he coulnt drive so he dont come home ,and im not stupid i know how he was when we were sneaking around,so i decieded to let him know that i was on to him and that i didnt want to be with him any longer,and he said so,but he wont leave only on thursday,and i really love him but im ready to move around and find someone whos really into me like im into me ,dont get me wrong i am no where perfect but i gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was gonna be true but i just dont feel it. He say i must be cheating because i always accuse him of cheating,and i havent cheated on him yet,but ive thought about it plenty of times,,but hes also a bully and all the men are scared to even speak to me because of him. what does this sound like to like he really dont want me but he dont want no one else to have me either?

  10. Melli

    I met a turkish man online and have kept our relationship going for one year. I am worried we will never get to meet each other. He said it is impossible for him to get a visa to come to north america. The only way for us to be together is for me to travel to Turkey. As a single woman, I have many fears about traveling to the middle east. I don’t want to leave him as he is the only man I have ever loved. But there are too many things that could go wrong if I went to get him. I have been told Turkey is a very dangerous place and they follow Sharia law. The men make the rules and the women listen. I was raised with many freedoms and always made decisions for myself. I don’t think my boyfriend is this way. This situation just seems so impossible. I love him so much but I’m scared I could get hurt, lose my freedom and ultimately hurt my future by marrying him. I wish someone would help me or give me some advice. I am so lost. Should I let him go?

  11. rebecca

    that thing you were saying about your husband disappearing and drugs….i went through that for years…some men god love em..just cant stop lying. my hubby was the same i was at home looking after the babies and i was accused of cheating…mind you i didnt even have a car or computer…he was taking off. drugs is a big problem…and the lies.its up to you but i see so much of your marraige in mine. im out now and happier…hes still the same a year later…goodluck whatever you decide

  12. melanie

    men says women are hard to understand… well i have to say that i would agree if the reasons behind are the statement above!

  13. Alexandria

    @ C’mon

    That is not fair when your husband has treats you that way. That would be a very difficult decision to make because you guys have 2 kids attaching with. He seems like an insecurities man, and that would be hard on you. Since you have to reassure him times and times on every doubts from him. How about you both see a marriage counselor? And talk him to church or something? If you have to divorce him is the last decision then why not try to fix it first. I know it is very easy to say than to do. But you think about your kids also. That would be very difficult for them. I know it sounds like unfair to you, but that would be very unfair to your kids, too. I know when men are insecure, they would do and say many immature things to their loved ones even sometimes they don’t mean it. Wish you the best!

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear C’mon…..

    Unless your husband, because he really needs it, will consent to counseling, and I feel he WON’T…..you should be looking for a good divorce lawyer……as my Guides tell me he will NOT change.

    Your life will not change unless YOU take the steps needed to change it.

  15. C'mon

    I think some men are pigs,some are not(maybe…).I am married,my husband gets mad if we dont make love every other night…i work and get tired really easy so therefore i am not always up to it.SO i dont know of any man that can go without sex or just enjoy you in a teddy without wanting to go any further.hes insecure about his johnson.Theres nothing i can do to make him more comfortable about his size,i have tried.All i know is his insecurities have put alot of stress on our marriage,i try reassure him that hes good and i dont want anyone else but it doesnt help.He accuses me of cheating when i am at work…I am not cheating..I’m at work,working.I have never cheated on him,his ex wife did and i think thats why i am get the raw end of the deal.i love him but idk what else to do.It drives me crazy when i am always having to reassure him and it hasnt worked in the 14 years we have been together,so what else is there to do???????He put alot of stress on our relationship when we first got together,he was using drugs and would sneak out after i went to sleep,spent all our bill money and then come in and accuse me of cheating…hhhhmmmm i have always heard the accuser is the one cheating..i wish i knew for sure…hes not on drugs anymore i finally talked him out of that after 2 years(having to threaten to leave if he didnt quit).I am at witts end and dont know how much more i can take…like i said i do love him its driving me crazy that hes always accusing me and i havent done anything wrong,its not fair.He tries to hide what he does from our 2 kids but it doesnt work cause it gets me mad and disappointed all at the same time so they can see that something is bothering me.I dont want my kids growing up doing what he does to me, i know they have heard us argue at times.I want my kids to enjoy the person they are with and not make things complicated by accusing them of cheating,if thats what they grow up hearing thats what their going to think is going to happen to them and then they want be happy or enjoy life bc they will think their bf or gf is cheating,they should be given a chance to find out about that person b4 assuming that they are cheating,but idk if they will,I’m afraid they will think thats a part of life.Its not fair to me or my kids that he thinks i’m cheating …I even bring my clock out slips home but he thinks a manager would let me stay on the clock while i’m supposidly cheating,what else can i do??????????I just had to get all that out….IDK what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO yeah men do think about what other women would be like in bed i can imagine,especially if their not happy in their current relationship.I dont like being the reassurer cause it doesnt help…

  16. Charlotte R. Fontenot

    I have 3 brothers that I know for a fact have never cheated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They go to work come home & if they go anywhere their wives are with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Alexandria

    Men usually don’t like their women with many layers of makeup. But. they would be very happy if their women look fresh, clean and neat. Just a little makeup that does not hurt and even it makes you look fresher and nicer or even sexier. I do care about my body and my inner souls as well. My bf has never gotten tired of our sex life even though we have been together for more than 5 years. He still goes crazy every time. He confesses that he falls in love with me because of my body and he has stayed with me because of my souls and my knowledge. He thinks I’m perfect to him. He is a handsome guy, btw. 🙂

  18. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    oh yeah…ps…..

    When I go into the shelter it’s usually to groom, clip and bathe some of the dogs going to the adoption shows and to help out the volunteers cleaning cages, or to do some obedience training….as I sit on the board and helped to build this particular shelter…..so…. I’m normally smelling like ” wet dog ” when these men have approached me…LOL

    Told my daughter just the other day that sometimes I have to wonder why I even bother buying expensive perfume.


  19. cindy

    I think all men are nasty bastard if in a relationship or not in a relatiinship becuz they always sleep around with multiple persons an most women does the same thing but me..always have one sex partner but that donot mean he doesnot an i am just keep it real here,because i will never in my whole life will have sex with multiple person because GOD an Jesus donot like that at all…..if you know what i mean becuz there are alot of diseases out there in the world. an i know for sure i willnot be getting no STD,s from no one……

  20. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    You know…..I’ve never stereo-typed men, or women either for that matter.

    I’m happy being single…..maybe I’m the overly independent type, but I’ve turned down many offers of marriage over the past 4 years….from some very nice, and VERY romantic men too……real gentlemen.

    When I go out on a date I always tell the guy upfront first, I don’t expect a relationship, I’m not especially looking for marriage,I don’t expect them to smother me and call me the next day even !!!!……BUT I DO tell them that I only wish to enjoy the date and their company and that I’m a lady and expect to be treated as such…..and the guys have ALWAYS treated me with respect……( and some of them, in fact MOST of them, have pursued me ). I expect only to enjoy the date and maybe have great conversation and make a new friend ( without fringe benefits ).

    When the right guy comes along maybe I’ll marry…..if not, that’s ok too.

    but I don’t seek out potential ” mates “…..I go about my business, do my own thing, which includes managing a no-kill animal shelter and my main career as a professional psychic.

    I’ve met the nicest guys when I least expect it and not looking for it too.

    And I don’t worry about what others think of my body or looks…..if I’m happy with me that’s all that matters. In fact, I’ve had more guys ask me out at the shelter when I’m wearing old ripped jeans, cowboy boots, and flannel shirts….with my hair all messed up and NO make-up then when I get all dolled up and I’m out shopping. But I live in a very , very rural mountain area.

  21. shah..

    hy Alina Mikos,

    well written article, but i have got major reservations over it..

    one of the issues is that you have generalized it..like. every men is the way u have mentioned..

    i will start point by point:

    1) my experience says that men are as romantic as women are, it may depend on the cultures.. it had a lot to do with the age factor too.. so u need to see different factors.. as far as preference is concerned, men and women, both should prefer their partner first.. and then candles and roses.. etc..

    2) no.. not every man has pictured their partner as a naked.. maybe only sexually frustrated people would do that.. love is more than picturing ur partner as naked.. u just can not put it as a natural instinct

    3) i agree to it.. and to this as well : “People we attract into our life are reflections of who we are, therefore become first what it is you want to attract.”

    4) i totally agree.. i can put this one as natural instinct

    5) yes.. again, a natural thingy.. even the women think same about their sizes.. and maybe get insecure too..

    6) agreeed.. totally agree.. biggest turn off.. thanks god my partner is super good about such things.. she is such a blessing.. 🙂

  22. sim


    you have to ask yourself…do you want your ex back? Its over for a reason and the reason is that that person made you unhappy….better things are ahead for you and I don’t see your ex being the right energy for you….you will not be alone so do not fear….value and trust yourself as you know all the answers and they are within you.

    Good luck

    Ps..the article is written and out there…the information is what it is and based on the authors thoughts…great that we can be free to share what we think..:)

  23. Betty


  24. Ellen

    I have been married a good long time (28 years) and have 2 children. If anything, it’s my husband who makes sure to light candles and create an alluring, sexy mood when we are heading for a sultry evening! Men do need romance, and it is true – men and women can flourish with the same things… love, mutual companionship, a healthy union, some good, fun sex. I do not believe that my husband is thinking of other women when we are in the swing of things, and I am not thinking of other men, either. I agree with the people above, who said that communication, understanding, and healthy relationships do exist.

  25. 2 speak the truth

    I find it very disrespectful for any man in an relationship to be flirting with any woman, ur asking for trouble the only validation u need is from ur significant other, it only leads to women u flirt with competing for ur attention with ur girl, a real man with integrity that values his good thing will know if he loves & respect her, he truly has everything he needs, and isn’t afraid to show other women they don’t compare to his good thing remember flirting may stoke ur ego, but tears down ur mate will the real men stand up.

  26. Sydney

    Ahh yes, well i blame Testosterone, its VERY good at its job, as a teenager even an inanimate object vaguely shaped like a woman brings on lascivious thoughts, (there was this smooth skinned, forked tree in my yard…hmmm dat tree), looking at a woman then i would have had sex with her in my mind (mostly privately at home after seeing her)30 times before i even spoke to her. The Testo is just that strong, lieing, cheating, anything to get some relief made me an Alpha teen then with too many partners to count. now i am 50 its finally wearing off (a bit) but i notice that women my age going through the change are getting a taste of it themselves as their hormones change down the sexual agressiveness ramps up and they become the milfs and cougers we all know chasing men with a teenagers zeal, but with the confidence and skills to get what they want.
    I am a straight, romantic, interesting, highly skilled and socially adept man who learnt early the value of appeasing women’s thoughts (pretty standard) of their own inadequacies that we men couldn’t care less about anyway. Try as i might i could never have a woman as a true friend, but they make great lovers! All i ever wanted was a longterm relationship with a friendly supportive woman with a nice face to kiss and a passable voice to listen to, why they have to talk incessantly is, i feel, the inadequecies they wrongly feel about themselves showing through. Advertising and photoshop perfect models dont help that one bit.
    The supposedly”Alpha” male who doesn’t want anything but another conquest is the woman’s main target when what the really need is a good Bplus man (like me lol) who WANTS to treat them well, kindly and with love, that seems too boring for most women i ever had a longterm relation with and so very few are helpful. So no i disagree with the op statements. A wise old person once said “the lord gave us two ears and ONE mouth, use them in proportion”, ie listen more than you speak, would solve a lot of problems.
    btw i am single now and have 4 nice lovers, all aware of each other and happy to share (and i dont expect i am their only lover for a second.)
    a tip for you women, look for the understated, quiet type a romantic lion lives within.
    good luck

  27. Alexandria

    Also, when it says, “men don’t need romance…”, I would tend to disagree with this opinion. My bf is the one lighting up the candles every time I comes over his place. He is always gentle and sweet when we are alone, for example, he touched my face, kissed my lips and massaged my shoulders…etc…before we would start making love…:-)

  28. Alexandria

    I would say men are men. Men always want to try something new and fun. However, there are some men who know where and when to stop crossing the lines. I still believe there are some men are very faithful. My bf likes commenting my body, which is very sweet of him. And he takes good care of himself very good as well. He is a bodybuilder :-). To me, it is very important that he is a faithful man and respects me as it should be. I have treated him the same.

  29. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    Perhaps these things are true about most or some men, but certainly not all men. It really depends on maturity level and other factors.

    I have some male callers, gay and straight, who need to experience romance. We all have slightly different ideas of what romance is, but it’s normal for men to need it just as much as women.

    I’ve known several men (myself included) that don’t picture women naked. There is nothing wrong with appreciating the physical body of another, but that doesn’t mean that we are all always doing so.

    Complaining about one’s body is often a turn off – complaining in general can be as well. Ladies (and gentlemen), if you want reassurance that your lover doesn’t find some part of your body ugly, then ask for reassurance.

    Too often, complaining is a cry for reassurance – why not just come out and be honest about it? Instead of saying, “My legs are too big, too short, too whatever, I don’t like my legs, I want to change my legs, do these pants look okay on my legs?”

    Why not just say, “I worry that you won’t like my legs and I could use some reassurance about that.”

    Chances are that your lover hasn’t spent years finding flaws with them as you have.

    Reed x5105

  30. elian

    Hasn’t anyone considered the fact that men are simply human…and that things that would strain a woman would also strain them…like dumping all one’s insecurities on them…and that things that give women confidence–such as other men’s attentiveness or even flirting–are also confidence building for them.
    Are we really all that different?

  31. chloeChloe ext. 9421

    Hi Alina,

    These are interesting thought though I’m not sure I’m with you on #4.

    I don’t believe most men hesitate to admit when they are in a relationship, unless they’re in a relationship they don’t really want to be in anymore.

    I think most men who are in healthy relationships try to make it clear right away when they are “spoken for”, in order to communicate “this is fun but I won’t be crossing any lines”.

    Men and women are different and we may [at times] process things differently but I believe ultimately we all want the same things in the end; Love and Companionship.

    Love & Light!

    ~Chloe (ext. 9421)

  32. pat

    I agree with your comments regarding men’s secrets and the only men who were offended were the ones who knew that you were telling the truth. How many times have women including myself been flirted with by men who were already married? it’s just the way that they are I guess.

  33. lynn

    Well, that was quite on the mark! But, it seems light, like there’s a part II or another 6 in next week’s issue. If that makes sense……………. Thank you again! Lynn

  34. Francine

    Thank u Alan Carter! I was startig to believe this bs! & getting depressed! Wish i knew u & ur friends u seem like me & mine! Nice to know bcuz LA is a wierd place w/ 2 manny strange & self absorbed people. Have a great day!

  35. wetbeckywet

    I believe this is true…I don’t mind my mate flirting wit women as long as he don’t take it off line…I flirt worst then him but never took it off line…so I understand a men can be turned off by. Mate insecurities wanting them not to have a social network life…u just have to trust til u have a reason not to

  36. rebekah

    I think the word “instinct” has been over used for men, just another excuse to be a scumbag. If men are allowed to have these “instincts” then women have the right to also have the same “instinct”. I’m sure child molesters also use the word “instinct” for there thoughts and actions. Honestly if this is the true thought patterns of a man, then count me out cause I will never me happy with someone in that mind frame.

  37. lynn

    why is always about Men there feelings what the expect from a women u need to write article on how women feel about men. There not sex gods we are people what happen to love and respect for the person u are with .Its not all about sex if it is its a sick world.

  38. Jean

    I think it’s people like you that give men a bad name. Most women think all men are pigs and it’s because of what they hear from people like you. Let those men speak for themselves. Not all men are like that. That’s unfair to tell women that their man is thinking about other women while having sex. We already have bad self asteems why make it worse??

  39. Rena

    I talked to all my men friends saying that most men don’t care about romance because that only for girls thing for the show. Especially when they work 24/7? Men loves to flert with other women to try if they can get a free sex regardless if they get enough sex from thier partner but some men they just care about the food they eat and paying bills so they forgetting about how to keep the relationship happy and stable to thier love one!

  40. Freeman2

    Sooooo Veeeeery W R O N G.
    Women who believe this mind set ^*€p are in trouble. Today’s Man has come a long way without any doubts towards women. Communicating & Understanding is the bottom line on both sides of any relationship.
    And More!

  41. Stephen Dent

    You know, I like your service except it is sooooo…..heterosexually oriented it turns me off. Have you ever thought of trying to be more neutral or at least include some same sex stuff. You might improve your business model.

  42. alan carter

    The author of this article is an really a dinosaur. His ideas of how men think die about
    thirty years ago. Men don’t need romance??? That’s just purely WRONG!!!
    All men picture women naked. It is clear this man has never worked around women. He has little confidence and can’t respect a woman’s mind. If a man is in a serious relationship; he
    doesn’t spend time thinking of having sex with other woman. This man needs to get out around real women. peace

  43. Sara House

    Hafta say, nothing new, but all the same, TRUE!!! Good piece – especially for women who are into the online dating/chatting. IN my opinion, it’s a lot of ‘flirty’ behaviour and little substance. But, meh, as long as you’re not going into it looking for a serious relationship(hey, if it happens for you or happened for a friend, great for them) it can be a good way to get your daily dose of compliments from the opposite sex.
    But, consider the downside – which happened to a ‘friend’ of mine – she got addicted to checking her mail and was checking her ‘flirts’ more often during the day than anything else that she was doing. When your online behaviour turns to this kind of ‘obsessed’, it’s time to re-evaluate the situation and revert to the lines in this article about 1) becoming the person you want to attract and 2) deciding ‘on your own’ that YOU are lovable. NOt waiting for someone else to bring you the news…! Nuff said, love and light to all: It’s a crazy world out there…just take care of YOU!!! Everything else will fall into place.

  44. Cubes

    I’m a single woman and want to know, Why is it that most single men seem to find a way to talk about how they go to the gym and workout? Or how they need to lose weight? I certainly don’t talk about how I need to lose weight because of number 6 above. But because I’ve encountered guys who do talk about their weight, what am I supposed to say to that?
    I don’t get turned off but I do start feeling a bit insecure since I know I should lose a few pounds myself. Just wondering since they get turned off by us talking about it.


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