Breaking Up After All Those Years

Growing Up and Learning to Love Yourself

Being a seasoned psychic reader for a long time has taken me through many a gambit of people and their personal journeys in the love realm. Perhaps it is because I am older that I attract people born from the age range of forty and up. I have to say I have many younger people too, for now however I would like to address the older generation. At fifty on my birthday, I joined AARP and continue my membership to this day. There is wealth of information for the older sect of people and, being a baby boomer, the newsletters and magazines set an example for living a good life.

On the psychic line, I have noticed many of the seasoned generation getting divorced. One would think that after a twenty, thirty and even a forty year marriage it should be like finding that sweet spot to retire and enjoy with your mate. However, no, this is not the case, with the advancement of the Techie world even seniors are hitting the social media screens and findings lost loves, old high school sweethearts and are looking for change.

This change is more about happiness, and I for one say, move on if you are not happy, do not allow time with a mate to keep you in that tired old complacent place.

Relationships like people have lifespans, some last for many years while other are short lived. Age should not be a factor, the kids are grown the pets did not outlive the relationship and the house and the furniture are just not your taste anymore.

The desire for change entails letting go of the past. So many couples are sleeping in separate bedrooms and living like roommates. The desire for love and passion in ones heart, mind and body has not faded away, but shifted to wanting something different.

Lets face it life is what we make it and if you are blessed to have your mate around for a few decades and are looking for change why not leave as friends? The person on the Internet might not be the forever after either but at least you can get a taste of newness. One lovely woman calls me often, she is 83 and Mr. Man is 92, they both had very long and happy lives with mates that loved them very much. Both are single now and let me tell ya this is not an easy relationship. Yet it is so beautiful every time we talk it fills my heart with joy to know that love can be had no matter what. It can be hard fitting attitudes, guilt, and outside friendships into a relationship when time of the essence.

We must live in the moment and enjoy everyday as it comes, keeping a positive attitude and not looking for anything other than to be able to love. Loving is the gift, what a wonderful feeling to have a person in your life in the golden years to love.

6 thoughts on “Breaking Up After All Those Years

  1. quinn ext 5484

    dear mark from the uk.
    as always so nice to see you. i have to say i agree with you.
    this weekend i took some pictures which i must admit clearly shows my age, im still a little twittered from it lol. i don’t feel how i look, thank goodness for the night.
    you take care and hope to see you again soon.

  2. marc from the uk

    Nothing is permanent, I learned this the hard way, however I accept this now happily and realise, good or bad is temorary, however we do have the option to choose how we feel, which is a great way to cope,and find new paths and let go of old rigid beliefs, this will free you up to be happier, quicker and longer.

  3. quinn ext 5484

    hi arise,
    not sure what you meant in your post. but thank you for posting…
    have a great weekend.

  4. quinn ext 5484

    dear lee,
    a man of my own heart… you are quite the guy. not to mention a 2010 harley!!! what fun.

    i am so happy you found happiness in life after divorce.
    many blessing to you and your hot young wife.

  5. Lee

    I was married for 33 years and got a divorce ,but only after it seemed she and I started acting like roomates . We had no love life , no closeness , it was as if the love we had just died. I loved this woman with all my heart , but just couldnt live like two strangers . I thought it was because I was 12 years older than her , (and it could have been) and I had to retire at 64 due to an accident at work . She had to stay working and ranted and raved at me everyday why she had to work while I got to stay home . All I ever heard is ” I dont want to go to work Mr.Custer ” which by the way is not my name. I finally got so tired of hearing it , I got to looking out side of my realm . We divorced and I found a woman 26 years my junior we have since gotten married and we love each other deeply . We do things together as a couple and we like the same things , such as antiques, flea markets , motorcycles ,( oops I forgot to mention I own a 2010 Harley ) we do everything together and we both love it . So I guess sometimes you have to move on in order to be happy and comfortable in your own skin . So I say to all you oldtimers out there if your not happy in your own skin , get off your duff and do something to make your life worthwhile and enjoy what time you have left on this earth , God didnt put us here to be miserable , he put us here to be happy and prosperous . So enjoy !!!


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