Psychic Charrmayne: Rebuild a Rocky Relationship

 Your Issues Are Fixable!

Some of the most common issues that derail romantic relationships are financial/money issues, fidelity/trust issues and honesty/communication issues. But all is not lost! These issues are mostly fixable with the help of self-knowledge and open communications.

A Psychic Can Help

With the help of a psychic or astrologer, a person can examine these issues from a very personal point of view. An astrologer looks at your personal birth chart or progressive chart to look at your personality traits and your present day cycles to see where and when opportunities for solutions are available. A psychic/clairvoyant reader can sense the root of the issues at hand and make suggestions as to how to approach a solution.

You Can Move Past the Issue

To move past an issue, open and honest communication is key, as well as a real desire to fix the problem. As a psychic, I get a clear picture from the caller about their relationship issue. And by giving me the name and birth date of the person the caller is calling about, I can pick up on the vibrations of that person and the vibrations of the overall situation. If the caller is being honest with themselves about the situation, the answers for the issues are very clear. I make my recommendations based on what I sense the person’s higher self is giving me direction to do.

And then sometimes the caller is very confused about the situation or is not being honest about themselves or their partner. At that point, I offer the caller a clearing exercise in the form of a prayer or meditation, so that they can be more grounded about the reality of their situation. These exercises are meant to not only bring clarity about the problem, but also to open the possibility to real solutions.

A psychic reading is a means for the caller to get in touch with their higher self or the opening of their third eye chakra. This allows for information to flow and for real, meaningful connections to take place.

The Solution is Relief

Relationships can only work out if the caller and the other party cooperate and both want things to work out. As a psychic I tell the caller what vibration I sense at the moment of the call. During the call it’s important for the caller to work out with me what they really want and be honest with themselves. At that point, the caller can make progress and have relief from the stress of the situation. Oftentimes, the solution is the immediate relief from the stress of the moment. Once the stress is lifted the issues may not seem so troubling and clarity takes place at once.

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