Dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong

Signs you might be dating the wrong person may include their job status, not there for important dates, you come second or poor manners.

How to Tell When You’re Dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong

If you have been dating someone for awhile now and are questioning whether they are right for you, there are some important signals and red flags to watch out for. Sure, they may seem like the person you’ve been looking for all these years, but you just might be infatuated by looks or are just feeling lonely. Here are some tips on how to tell when you’re dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong. Think you’re already dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong? Find out today with a reading from love expert Psychic Aida ext. 5387.

Jobless and Broke

If the person you’re dating never seems to have a penny to their name, they may not be the right choice for you. If there are no major life factors or health problems holding them back and this person you are dating doesn’t have any motivation to find a job and make money, you may could end up jobless and broke from supporting them. It says a lot about someone if they don’t get out there and find a job to make ends meet. It also says a lot about a person who takes advantage of you where money is concerned, even if you are an heir to a financial empire or working three jobs.

“Enjoy a date without worrying if your date is ‘the one.'” – Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146

Unavailable on Important Dates

If the person you are dating is never around for Valentine’s Day, your birthday or other major holidays like Christmas, then they may not be invested in building a solid relationship with you. Most couples like to get to know each other’s families and spend time during those special holidays that evoke closeness and love. Sure, if they are working on a holiday it makes sense, but if they don’t even call you or get in touch to send wishes, they probably aren’t “the one.” Want to know if they are “the one” or the one to dump? Talk with Psychic Brendalynn ext. 5173 and find out today.

You’re on the Back Burner

If you feel like you seem to be low on his or her priority list, you probably are. It is understandable if the person you’re dating has other major obligations such as an elderly parent to care for or kids, but if they only see you once a week, for a few hours at a time, you might be on the list under “must get nails done” and “must get an oil change.”

Who are Darren, Melissa and Kim?

If you have never been invited to meet your partner’s friends, chances are they don’t want to introduce you because they don’t see you as their future. They know that once you mingle with their best buds that there is a chance you may form a connection. This may seem risky to your fair-weather mate. A dating partner who brings you into their circle of friends is a keeper.

Superficial and Materialistic

If you find that your new dating partner is upset if you don’t get them diamond earrings or spoil them with the newest iPhone they have been dreaming of, chances are you have a gold digger on your hands. If your date is more focused on the latest fashion trends from Dolce & Gabbana or gives more attention to your sports car than you, you need to step away. And fast.

Thank You, Please and May I

Manners are very important when it comes to a dating partner. It is fantastic if your date can hold their knife and fork appropriately and dine in style. But if you’re out on a date and your date is extremely rude to the server, this is never a good sign. It shows lack of class and education and should not be tolerated. Also, if you are looking to start a life with someone and possibly have a family some day, you definitely do not want this person’s manners rubbing off on your little ones.

There are numerous other red flags and signs to look out for when trying to find someone who completes you. Take the rose-colored glasses off, and make sure you see your dating partner for who they really are and how they manage their own life. It could be the difference between a lifelong, successful, loving marriage or a deadbeat partner and eventual divorce.

22 thoughts on “Dating Mr. or Ms. Wrong

  1. Glenda

    Boy, do I feel like a fool having seen the only seeing me once a week, not introducing me to friends, and NOT wanting to meet my son, or be involved in even coming there for dinner, when I asked or even said something of the time constraints, even with him making future plans with me, saying he loved me, and crying so hard when I tried to say goodbye, it threw me for a loop for awhile when he said it was over.
    Even tried a couple of readings here to the tune of nearly a hundred bucks and boy was it off the mark. I was told the connection was one that comes along only once or twice in a lifetime which turned me really upside down.
    What do I do now? It felt so right, he said all the things a guy would say, and I believed it again, and 3 weeks later, I am the one still sobbing my eyes out and no answers come as I sit pretty much alone and afraid to pound on his door and tell him what I really think due to stalking laws in this State, but feel so angry at being led on then let down, I still cannot do anything but work on believing what the promises are in the Good Book. God made woman for man, saw it was not only good, but very good. So, time heals all wounds and time will also tell what the next Chapter will bring, but Good Lord, I am NOT getting any the younger, so can you put a rush on Mr. Right, please???

  2. Songbird123

    I believe in Love, but greater than that, I believe in respect. Love is respect. I can happily say that none of these warning signs pertain to me, but not for lack of never having been. It took me a long time to figure these things out, through trial and error of course, but not to say that they aren’t still prevalent in day to day life… Friends, Family, Neighbors, your children etc… dating is just one aspect of the Respect “coin” that needs to be flipped and flipped again to see which side lands up.

  3. rose

    Its all true.. Some more info.. when you call him if you talk about things which he likes, then he have time for you. BUt if ther’s a problem and you need him to give you some advice or help you then oh lalala he is so busy he cannot take your call. The next day he will not call you becoz MISTER IS BUSY!! he will wai after a week time then he would say you know darling Too much work loads of work could not talk too you.. BUt today am free how about some good time with you!!!!

  4. Deb P L

    Sometimes we never know my husband of 45yr plus and my mom died same wki met a man thru my friends . Blind is not the word no one told me about the drinking and being nansty to no extreme.Iwas afraid of being alone Ihave 2 child30 now and 22.oh fogot he has 3 girls and an ex wife.3 girls have dad wrapped ar fing. Does care ab anyone but himself Ireally relate to this.y never know what yr going to get again. I’m trying to get out is short sorry Icould write a book on what not to do that’s for sure ps never meet a man or a woman in a bar even if yr friends introduce never win

  5. Johnny

    Dateing is alot like so called friends and relatives. Some think just because you have known them for awhile or related to them–You OWE them. Don,t feel quilty and believe them. Its a con game they have to get over you. Ask them to GIVE to you and listen to their sad excuses.

  6. Talisha

    hi, just needed to why is it so hard to find a good person. i’ve been with a man for 7yrs on and off and he never had any respect for me. im not with him know just moved out but he has my boys. i have a 8 and 2 which will be 9 and 3 this year. my life thanks to him is a big reck and he thinks it’s funny. i dont even live the man and he still trying to ruin my life. i just dont ubderstand why.

  7. Angela

    Good article ! I definitely saw the signs I am free of that. Hopefully this I am in the right direction with this person. Yes, In am looking at everything with both eyes open of course. People will tell on themselves.

  8. Alexandra

    TO ROBERT: I realize that for many religion and politics compatibility are very important.
    However, you may wish to consider other very important “values” she may share with you,
    in spite of differences in religion and politics. Sometimes “religious”, “spiritual” beliefs
    may vary from person to person, but if their general demeanors and values pertaining to
    religion/politics though different, are similar in nature and behaviour, lifestyle, then you
    may be beeing too harsh in wanting her to think, do, believe, like you…we are all individuals
    and we should have the right to be respected for our individual beliefs. Of course, if these
    “values” are of such importance to you that would create unresolvable/non mediating problems
    then, perhaps your choice is what it is for you.

  9. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I also find it helpful to watch how your significant other treats other people. Watch how s/he acts toward a waiter who messes up an order or a relative who gets on his/her nerves. Know how your partner is going to treat someone with whom they are frustrated and you will know how s/he is going treat you when a problem arises.

    I would avoid anyone who refuses to visit sick friends or relatives, has a bad temper toward service providers, is habitually lying to friends and coworkers, continuously asks others for money, etc. S/He is likely to treat you the same way at some point.

    Someone commented and said “Aren’t these “givens” that are obvious? You really have to tell people this stuff?” Yes, they are givens, but we do have to be careful to keep them in mind.

    It’s easy to be blinded by the initial, passive, falling in love phase and to then miss some important signals. It’s easy to believe things like, “I know she lied to every person she’s ever known, but she wouldn’t do that to me. We’re different.” If you find yourself thinking that way, it’s time to take a closer look at what’s happening.

    Reed x5105

  10. Raymond Peters

    The warning signs listed are very true. Once I got tired of hurting and embraced my value I realized I can, am, and will do better.I refuse to give up on love!!!!!!

  11. Robert Hawkins

    How about someone who does not share the same or similar values? I have terminated a relation ship in a hurry because I felt that there was no common meeting of values regarding religion or politics.

  12. Gayle Martin

    Great article, Natasha. Not being available on important dates, or not introducing you to their family and friends can be an even bigger red flag. It can also be an indication that he or she is MARRIED. There are, unfortunately, married people out there who, for whatever reason, like to pretend that they’re single. They are the lowest of the low.

  13. jesse

    I am with someone how I want to get a job and help me with the bills but she will not get a job what do I do I tell her she has a week to get one but she wont dose she love me

  14. Elca Maranzana

    “I personally would love to, at least have a generous reading on my future, and where it’s headed today. I would like to know if the important friends in my life today, will remain in my life, and if it changes…. Why? I will keep in mind the right and wrong relationships that I just read up top.

  15. carlene rosales

    Hi, i wanted to chat with you but u were offline.. i wonder if u cud help me decide if i will be successful abroad or not. i live in the philippines and im planning to work abroad for a greener pasture.pls help! tnx


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