Psychic Amanda: Quitting is for…

When the Going Gets Tough

“90% of all those who fail in life are not actually defeated, they just simply quit…” – Paul J. Meyer

The other day, as I was volunteering at a community center and scraping paint off a window, I had an amazing realization about life and the quote above. I had scraped off almost all of the paint. There was about 2% left. I stopped and looked at the job and had a thought that perhaps someone else could come and continue this while I went in and did something else. That was when I started looking at life and people’s behaviors from a different perspective. The truth of the quote came at me like a lightening bolt! I looked at the window.

I was about to QUIT! No way was I going to be among the 90% that give up before achieving success! I furiously began scraping off the last pieces of paint, vowing to forge ahead in all my endeavors and to study the addiction of quitting. After having accomplished cleaning off the window, I felt a tremendous amount of success and well being.

That’s it in a nutshell. We human beings give up and quit. Quitting knocks down our self-esteem and our confidence. Quitting keeps us small and stops us from creating larger and more glorious achievements in our life. What if we stopped “waiting” to build up our self-confidence and took action? Taking action builds self-confidence, not the other way around. For me that was a pretty simple and yet profound discovery. Duh! I finally got it and catapulted myself into actions that I had only been thinking about previously.

“JUST DO IT”… that little slogan has so much power in it. Experience the truth of that for yourself, especially as you venture into the new year and the new creations for 2013. Just do it, and then enjoy the feelings of happiness your accomplishments create within you.

6 thoughts on “Psychic Amanda: Quitting is for…

  1. Kelly

    Beautiful and very meaningful and full of truth, my son has been having a lot of trouble keeping up in school this year he shuts down and gives up easily! I read this to him as believe it or not we often make Just do it! And it’s behind you and you feel proud it’s been accomplished no matter what the task what the taske may be? Thanks for sharing as some just need to hear it from someone else:) xo Happy new year! sincerely, Kelly

  2. marc from the uk

    Great article, and yes I belive in the saying ” Quitting is for wimps”! All of us go through the pain barrier or the thinking about passing the task, the butt, the job on to someone else, the difference between success and failier is sometimes that little 2%!!! Lets think about it, we all admire winners, sucessful people, celebrities, the reason? Thy carried on, they did not quit! WE CAN ALL DO IT ! carry on.

  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    FANTASTIC article !!!

    I owe ALL of my success and achievements in life to simply DOING IT !

    I don’t pray about, chant about, daydream about it, or even visualize it

    but I DO make a common sense plan and then follow thru and DO IT!

    loved this article.

  4. Kim

    Hi Amanda. I love what you wrote about quitting and it is so easy to get addicted to quitting or ‘giving up’ I have started so many things in my life and many of them, I haven’t followed through with or finished. Started courses that I have quit part the way thru etc. What makes us do this I wonder? I feel as though I’m afraid of success (not so much failure) I can take step 1 and step 2 and very rarely get to step 3. Therefore I feel I have not succeeded in anything in my life (except when I was younger) As I get older, I seem to have more fears and more blocks about fulfilling my dreams and goals.


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