Numerology: What’s Your Career Path?

Find Your Job by the Numbers

To find your career path, the key is to realize that your natural talents come from your birth number. To realize your career path, your destiny number will serve you, so understanding the fundamentals of these two energies is a really powerful numerology tool in your career.

For those of you new to numerology, please check these past articles for the very simple formula to acquire your Birth and Destiny Numbers.

#1 Birth: You are the eternal youth with matching energy. Your enthusiasm for life makes you fearless. You would be a natural military or a sports hero or business entrepreneur.

#1 Destiny: You become aware that your special role in life can be completed by no one but you. You become comfortable with being a highly independent part of the whole of society.

#2 Birth: You see the completed circle of life through fully knowing others. Relationship counseling, sales, homemaking and diplomacy will be natural talents for you.

#2 Destiny: You become the perfect “team leader” or sales representative, and/or marriage partner when you realize the power of completed communication. With this, your career and life dreams come true.

#3 Birth: You are a natural expression of the beauty of the “flow of life.” A career as an artist, guide, creative writer or another career requiring a pure communication stream is a “natural” for you.

#3 Destiny: You reach the height of your career when you recognize what is real, and what isn’t, with total clarity. Joseph Campbell quoted James Joyce in stating that a perfect work of art requires clarity, harmony and integrity/wholeness. It is this expression of this that is your life’s purpose.

#4 Birth: You are a natural builder, bringing solid structure to anything that you make your purpose. You give birth to what we call “reality.” You are a natural builder, activist, constructive politician, or organizer of a home, business or social events.

#4 Destiny: Your path is to master the activity that is our daily life and allow it to be freed to create something new from what you have built. You actually learn the beauty of the immaculate sand castle being swept away so that you can build again—a true joy to you.

#5 Birth: You have mastered the art of integrating information and talents into something brilliant that will entertain and educate others. You are a natural creative performer, child advocate, or an inspiring leader who can bring together disparate ideas into something inspirational.

#5 Destiny: When you master your career path, you are able to “dive into your role or creation” (a perfect example is actress Meryl Streep). You can release ego/insecurity to the point that you are an example of everyone’s fears and dreams, followed by a breakthrough to a new form of expression.

#6 Birth: You have mastered releasing your ego to the point that you take joy in supporting others. Through this, you find your own talents shining. You would make an excellent healthcare or other service worker, musician supporting the band or the art, or a master of another craft to that allows you and others to shine.

#6 Destiny: Your career path leads you to the point that you can allow the joy of accepting others’ gratitude for making them, and the world a better place. This gives you the energy to continue on this path.

#7 Birth: You are born on a spiritual path that allows you to examine the darkest parts of the soul for yourself and others. You might be a spiritual leader, teaching by example or an artist who isn’t afraid of the inherent “dark side” of human nature.

“Whether you want a job, a house, a friend, a mate, lead with your strengths.” – Reed ext. 5105

#7 Destiny: Your path is investigating the mind and all of our personal thoughts. When you have actually experienced the challenging areas of life many fear to face, you express them with such clarity that you create breakthroughs for others.

#8 Birth: You are a natural leader in teaching others the “ways of the world” and showing them how to function in the massive structures that are societies, finance and governments. You might be a natural money manager, financial or building entrepreneur, or a political or military leader.

#8 Destiny: Completing your career path, you have mastered a leadership role where you manage to guide others to follow you and become leaders themselves, building real, new structures of life.

#9 Birth: You seem to have inherent knowledge, and the ability to integrate even more wisdom as a process of living. You could be a teacher within the academic structure or someone who otherwise guide others to new ideas and cultures.

#9 Destiny: Once you have shared your knowledge so completely that your wise students have reached your level, you are open to the infinite cycle of life and teaching truly deep wisdom.

“Know that within your spiritual core you deserve abundance. Stay away from people who say otherwise. Take real action to make your goals happen. If you’re thinking about, but not taking steps in the direction of abundance, you’ll usually end up disappointed.”William ext. 5131

When you combine the special talent that your Birth Number indicates with the purpose of your Destiny Number, your career path is clear and a joyful expression of the great person that you are.

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  1. Paul Douglas Nunn

    Hey CP,
    Great idea for an article, except for a major mistake. Your two links above in paragraph two that help readers obtain their Birth Number and Destiny Number contradict one another. In fact, they both use the sum of one’s full birth date as the Birth Number and Destiny number! The first link says you can find your Birth Number by adding all of the numbers in your full birth date and the second link says you can find your Destiny Number by doing the same, so both can’t be true. You really need to have someone proof these articles for accurace before publishing them. Regards, P

  2. preeti

    surprised but appreciate your readings.
    How can someone knows about his destiny number?
    what abt if someone doesn’t know his real date of birth?

  3. Jim

    I’m confused. According to your past articles, the birth number and the destiny number are figured the same. So, how can they have different meaning if they are the same?

  4. Denise

    This doesn’t tell me mine at all, that’s if I’m understanding this correctly. Can you help me please?

  5. preshen

    so what is my career number ,can u tell me that,i am eager to know,i would love to know where my career is going ,


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