Poll: Is It OK for Your Significant Other to Flirt With Other People?

When Do You Get Jealous?

People love flirting. Yet somehow when you’re actually in a relationship with somebody, their flirting isn’t much fun anymore. Suddenly, it makes jealousy rear its ugly head. Or does it? Take our poll and tell us how you react to your partner flirting! (Feeling jealous and don’t know how to handle it? Get some quick psychic advice and make sure you’re making the right choices!)

Is it OK for your significant other to flirt with other people?

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3 thoughts on “Poll: Is It OK for Your Significant Other to Flirt With Other People?

  1. Teresa

    Husband thinks it’s harmless but his flirting caused a great deal of pain to me and the woman who feel in love with him because of it. This at this very moment is ending our 3 year marriage. It’s not harmless as people like to think.

  2. BabyElmo

    I would take the two-hour drive to a place I called home for about three years while going to sohcol: Asheville, NC. Yes, I’ve spent a lot of time there, but it’s a worthy beer destination and one that I greatly miss. There are around nine microbreweries/brew pubs right now, and Beer City USA is also home to so many great non-beer related things, as well as beautiful mountain scenery. But since Asheville didn’t make the cut, I’ll vote for Oregon, since it’s home to the other Beer City USA and all.


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