Psychic Maryanne: Did I Just Lose My Soulmate?

A Complete Misunderstanding

My client, Sue, was beside herself when she called. She was sure she had really said the wrong thing to a man she had just started dating and had lost him because of it. She was so nervous and upset at the beginning of the call that I could barely understand what she was saying.  Do you have a relationship issue and need personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

He had extended an invitation that she was required to turn down due to a business trip commitment. He asked when she would return from her trip, and she truthfully answered, “I don’t know.” Her business trip involved traveling with a group of executives from her company, and the actual return date depended on the success with a client. Her new love, who she was really attracted to, said, “Oh, I see. Well, good luck on the trip.” And he hung up.

Sue tried to call him back to assure him that she did want to continue to see him and that her “I don’t know” wasn’t a clue for him to disappear. She reached voice mail only. The next day, a mutual friend told her how important the event Sue had been invited to was to her new love, and that he had never invited a date to attend the event with him.

In a panic, Sue tried to call him the next morning to explain more fully why she really didn’t know her return date. She reached his voice mail twice. Then, the big one. She checked his Facebook page, and he had posted a comment about “being single again.” What a misunderstanding to have during the delicate early days of a new relationship! She tried calling his office phone number and, after a delay on hold, was told he was “in a meeting.”

When Sue could breathe, I assured her that I saw him just as disappointed as she was. He was not gone. She was terrified he would just meet someone new while she was on her business trip, and he wasn’t taking her calls. I assured Sue that it was just a miscommunication and that he would not give up. She said one of my favorite things to hear from a client, “I feel better.” Her confidence and hope were back, and she started to remember how valuable she is.

He called her by the end of that afternoon, and she had the opportunity to explain why she didn’t know her return date. The morose “single again” comment was gone from his Facebook page by the next morning, and he asked her to contact him when she knew her return date so he could pick her up from the airport.

They’re still dating, and the relationship is growing. Sue recently reported to me that they “both felt like they had learned a lesson from this initial experience.” As adults they both had encountered strange behavior and/or disappointments from former dating partners. Now they take great weekend trips and have learned to trust each other and themselves. As of last week, they are begining to talk about moving in together.

5 thoughts on “Psychic Maryanne: Did I Just Lose My Soulmate?

  1. Tracy

    Another great article, I love to read these posts. Things get misinterpreted all of the time because of either not giving enough information or giving too much information. It all depends on who is doing the interpreting. Some people need everything spelled out for them, while other people if you give too much information, they tune you out before you get done talking. Lack of communication could be the cause.We must learn to talk things out and be honest with each other and really listen to what is being said. That is the only way any relationship will work.

  2. tk

    2lose the one u luv is a torment on ur conscious it cuts thru ur heart it burns the blood in ur veins 2lose a luv isn’t a loss it’s the very last step in having successful relationships

  3. candy

    I have been suffering emotionally for some time. I need to know if my ex husand, the only man I have truly loved, will come back to me and our son. I despirately need to know the answer to this. I can’t seem to move forward.

  4. Chrissi

    I walked that path too – but I lost him- I was young and impatient wouldn’t wait for the right time to do things and go places, and went with someone else- I lost him, and now he’s passed on- Wish so much we were still together- I hope we will meet again when it’s my time to pass on as I never stopped loving him- even after 32 years apart- and marriages to others our songs and films still move me – sometimes to tears as I realise what a fool I was- do you think we might get together again over the bridge and in our next lives ?


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