Poll: Cheating is Shockingly Common

Cheating is a topic on all of our minds – who cheated, who’s been cheated on, how they cheated or, more importantly, why they cheated. We thought it would be interesting to see how many of our readers actually have been “tempted by the fruit of another,” and whether or not they did the dirty deed or remained faithful. We asked our readers “Have you ever cheated in a relationships?” There were four possible answers, and the race was shockingly close. Check out the results to the question below:


Said “Yes, I shamefully have”


Said “No, I could never”


Said “Yes, but they deserved it”


Said “No, but I have come close”

This was our largest poll to date with a total of 482 votes! I think it’s easy to see that people feel pretty black or white about the topic – those who went through with the infidelity went for it all the way and those who haven’t cheated, didn’t even come close to committing the act. Due to the fact that many cheating scandals have been hot topics in the media, it’s clear that people are very open to discussing the matter and perhaps, what they’ve learned from their experience.

When you add the totals of Yes vs. No, the results still come very close to tying with Yes at 54% and No at 46%. Regardless which side of the fence you’re on, you’re not alone. However, how can we help those who see cheating as entertainment, a stress reliever, or as a way out, come to terms with the consequences that follow? Should there be educational classes and seminars on the ramifications of the matter?

What are your thoughts on bringing the “Yes” results down?

One thought on “Poll: Cheating is Shockingly Common

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  2. Shonte

    Me, personally, I have cheated a few times in the past. But, I do hold some type of guilt behind it due to the fact that I don’t believe in cheating and I have been staying faithful and monogamus for now on. Just like I don’t like being cheated on, I shouldn’t do it to another person because it’s not right.


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