Owning Your Sexual Powers

Embrace Your Sexuality

Sexuality is a beautiful and powerful thing indeed, but embracing and owning it can often take some work, so read on to tap into the illustrious, sexual you. Have you embraced your sexuality? If it makes you uncomfortable, you need to talk with Psychic Danni ext. 5193. She can remove the blocks!

You Flirt!

Flirting is the most natural phenomenon occurring between the sexes, so own it! Eye contact, body language, light touching and a little smile are all clear, flirty signs that you are comfortable with your sexuality and enjoy sharing it with men. It’s fun and natural to flirt, and receiving sexual attention and admiration from the opposite sex is a healthy and necessary ego boost for everyone.

Embracing Your Sexuality

Your comfort level with your sexuality has a lot to do with your self-esteem and how you were raised. If you have confidence issues or were raised to think of sex very conservatively, it may be harder for you to tap into your sexuality. Learning to love and understand your body goes a long way towards expressing and enjoying your sexuality, so work on it if you need to. Nature has gifted every one of us with sexual power; it is nothing to be embarrassed about or to hide.

The Siren’s Song

If a woman is confident in her sexual power, she will have the attention of every man. Again, as a gift of nature, all you have to do is embrace and enjoy it. As men are very sexual beings, seeing a woman embrace and express herself sexually is one of the most attractive things she can do. Of course, this doesn’t mean sleeping with these men, or even going to extremes such as stripping for them, etc. This is about tapping into your confidence and finding joy in your sexuality, and being playful with others. In the legends, a siren’s song lures men to their deaths with her feminine beauty and powerful, seductive voice, exemplifying just how much sexual power women actually possess. There’s clearly no necessity for their deadly behavior nor justification for that matter! However, it serves women well in their search to embrace their sexuality. Is it just harmless flirting or are you hoping for more? Psychic Milania ext. 5409 has the answer!

Enjoy and bask in your sexual power. When you do, and you find that partner with whom you want to open up completely, you will do so with joy and celebration!

15 thoughts on “Owning Your Sexual Powers

  1. lisamarie253

    im in love with a man i been with almost 6 yrs, he cheated on me and i never felt such pain in my life, i never loved anyone like him, he was cheatin on me for a few months and i just found out last week, now its the trust issue, we been thru this before but we made it thru that 1, that was maybe 4-5 yrs ago, then he never did it again after that, that i know, but this time, he was doin it for i dont know how many months, but he hurt me, like pullin my heart outta my throat, not bein able to breathe…he promised me never again but i cant believe him, not this time…sad part i love him so much and we were gonna get married….

  2. Kathleen Slowley

    Sex is the release of sensations and urges to manifest into climax. Love is the melting into one of both sex and the heart together, creating the birth of a dynamic sensual partner who feels the love and can give the lovemaking experience what it needs to be comfortably happy. You love deeply, and you never want to stop loving and you always want more.

  3. Gemini

    Been sexual is an excitement. I love to be sexual, but with the right partner and someone that shows the same excitement. I am such a romantic, Been sexual is through touch, like holding hands, cuddling and kissing. what comes after that is the chemistry that both partners feel at that time. You have to feel sensual and seductive on both sides.

  4. brenda

    To MANUEL: If you love to talk to the psychics about your marriage why don’t you try talking to someone who could actually help the situation: YouR SPOUSE!! Why do people go outside their marriage looking for help. You my friend have a communication problem with your spouse. A better idea might be marriage counselling.

  5. sonja reed

    I believe if in relationship, do not flirt outside of it. First and foremost know yourself and your mate. Being in a relationship takes work, always keep your mate interested and tingling with excitement! keep your sex alive and popping!…. If you are single…..meowwww do the damn thang, just not disrespect yourself or others…Enjoy life!

  6. Irene

    I have heard that flirting is the window into cheating! (That is if you are already involved in a relationship of course!)

  7. angela

    I am very comfortable with my sexuality. Unfortunatey a man that I am involved with, although he has been a womanizer in the past, makes little comments about how I dress and carry myself I feel he is a ittle jealous and my response is – I am who I am and I am happy with that and I won’t be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me”. By the way I ama 65 years old and very active and love life!

  8. manuel

    My regards gose to all the PSYCHICS in general,am so happy for my tomorrows you give me..atimes i wonder your exactitude.Thanks once again.
    My major problem is that i love to talk to any of you about my MARRIAGE.but i find it dificult.what do i do?

  9. mohanbabu

    flirting is normal and it serves good for both genders.It gives immense pleasure for both the male and female who ar involved in flirting.


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