12-21-12: End of the World?

What the Ancient Mayan Wise Ones Saw

Do you wonder where the Mayans and others got their ideas about the “End of Time” for 2012, including the Zulus in Africa and Nostradamus?

The Mayan Long Count Calendar that ends on 12/21/12 actually began on 8/13/3114 BC—roughly 5,000 years ago—and it was one of a number of their “long counts.” So don’t panic or run up your credit cards before that date, figuring you won’t have to pay. Today’s astrologers and wise ones are saying that we’re only in the midst of a huge transition, and they aren’t ending their forecasts on 12/21/12.

So what will the sky look like on the evening of 12/21/12? Actually it should be quite gorgeous and positive, yet a bit serious about our future. In Los Angeles, we will be moving from the sign of Sagittarius to Capricorn at 3:30 am (others can adjust time zones accordingly). Jupiter, the “Greater Benefic” and ruler of Sagittarius, will be bright in the sky during most of the night. When we switch to the sign of Capricorn, its ruler Saturn will be rising soon in the east. This is great! Saturn isn’t as much fun as generous Jupiter, but he is good at putting things into form in the “real world” for all of us—so we need him to make our dreams come!

“What is interesting about 2012 is that we’ve already had the effects of the planets lining up. The temperatures and weather have started to affect us in the worldwide community.” – Lucy ext. 5353

During the rest of the morning after Saturn has risen, the Lesser Benefic Venus will rise with the clever messenger Mercury. Venus is the planet that the Mayans called the god Quetzocoatl, as she is SO brilliant. Venus was a primary influence on their various calendar “counts,” including this long-count that is ending. Since she is a “rising star” on this morning she is aggressive and communicative and can serve you well.

“Things ARE changing, and there are more and more people tuning in to a higher frequency, a more gentle way of interacting with others… THAT is the change that is coming… not the end of the world.” – Yemaya ext. 5143

If you want to stay up and ask for her blessing after the setting Jupiter’s and rising Saturn’s blessings earlier, you will do what the ancient wise ones did, and you can see what great things happen. Our psychics will be doing their own meditations and drawing their own conclusions, so it will be a great time to see what they are saying.

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4 thoughts on “12-21-12: End of the World?

  1. ana

    I found the article quite interesting, but there`s something I`d like to comment. Quetzalcoatl is the mexica (or aztec) name for the God of Creation. Kukulcan is the mayan name for this same diety. Thank you.

  2. Joyce

    I don’t think that the world will ever end. I think that THE END is when a person dies. There has been too many translations of all this info down through the centuries and they have misinterpreted it many times. I just don’t believe in “THE END OF TIME” for the world as everyone else but I don’t ask anyone else to do as I do!!


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