Your LOVECAST™: The Autumnal Equinox

The Sun entering loving Libra on Tuesday ushers in the Autumnal Equinox, which creates a twosome vibe at the start of the week. A series of jarring aspects on Wednesday and Friday, however, can unhinge relationships, so try not to overreact to stressful situations (and obnoxious people). This weekend, Moon in Capricorn energizes sensuality and can bring up commitment issues. Best days for love: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Week of September 21 – 27, 2009

Virgo: Look for romance while traveling on Monday. Talk turns serious on Tuesday, but a misunderstanding may occur. Feelings are chaotic on Wednesday. Entertaining friends (or your sweetie) at your abode can energize you on Thursday. Feelings are complicated on Friday. Your wit, wisdom and flirting skills inspire romance this weekend!

Libra: Sharing what’s important to you inspires love on Monday. Watch out for overspending on Tuesday. You’re feeling unusually willful on Wednesday, when impulsive words can upset your relationship. Flirting escalates on Wednesday, so share your wit. Family may be irritating on Friday. Create a feast for the senses (food, candles, music) to fire up passion this weekend!

Scorpio: You’re on fire on Monday and irritated easily on Tuesday. Strive to stay objective during irksome encounters. An argument with your sweetie mid-week can prove enlightening (eventually). Also, be careful while driving. Your perceptiveness may uncover a secret on Friday. Let your sense of humor out to play to attract romance this weekend!

Sagittarius: An intimate, peaceful ambiance deepens love on Monday. A past lover or relationship issue may be on your mind on Tuesday. Something left unresolved? Rash words at work can get you into hot water on Wednesday. Your powers of attraction soar on Thursday! Slow down this weekend to enjoy a romantic interlude (or to attract someone new).

Capricorn: Friends bring joy (and perhaps a little romance) on Monday. Socializing can get weird on Tuesday. You may feel strangely off kilter on Wednesday, so take some quiet time to get centered. A homey night in makes passion sizzle on Thursday. You’re irritated easily on Friday, but irresistible this weekend, so get out there and socialize!

Aquarius: Your instincts take over (in a good way!) on Monday. Romance feels baffling on Tuesday. Money may cause an argument on Wednesday. Romance can be found during group activities on Thursday, when networking can bring professional opportunities, too. Get into your body (exercise, massage, dine well) to inspire romance this weekend!

Pisces: Your lusty side comes out to play on Monday! Feelings are chaotic on Tuesday and Wednesday, when others seem to be out of control. Romance can be found through a work activity on Thursday. A friend may cause a problem or need your help on Friday. A group gathering brings love, friendship and insights this weekend.

Aries: Romance is passionate but complicated at the start of the week, when emotional wounds may be revealed. The need for freedom can upset love on Wednesday, but your sense of adventure (maybe a trip for two?) sets passion aflame on Thursday. A shared project or leisurely romp in the boudoir inspires romance this weekend!

Taurus: Relationship energy escalates at the start of the week, but mixed messages can derail a romantic interlude, so strive for clarity. Seeing the bigger picture of your love life can accelerate romance midweek. A psychic nudge may reveal your future on Friday, so heed your intuition. An exotic or foreign influence fires up passion this weekend!

Gemini: Love feels profound on Monday but irrational on Tuesday. Strive to find a balance between your head and heart. A clash of wills with your sweetie is likely on Wednesday, but intimacy resumes on Thursday. Rash words can upset love on Friday. A slow, sensual date this weekend heightens the heat between the sheets!

Cancer: Lust is divine at the start of the week, when your powers of attraction are irresistible! A conflict between responsibility and independence can upset love toward the middle of the week. Romance may come through a coworker or work project on Thursday. Control issues arise on Friday. Love blooms this weekend. Sunday is an especially good time for a heartfelt talk.

Leo: Passion soars at the beginning of the week, if you don’t let willfulness upset love. You’re feeling antsy on Wednesday. A spontaneous or unusual rendezvous with your sweetie (or someone new) on Thursday brings out your playful side. Friday is intense. A work project or healthy activity prompts a romantic interlude this weekend!

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