Little Things to Make Love Awesome

Reawaken Romance in Your Relationship

Even when in love, with all of life’s stressors and demands, it can be easy to forget the little things. If you’re doing it right though—meaning, maintaining a healthy and happy balance—you’ll keep up with, and add to, those little daily habits that make love absolutely awesome!

Being Considerate

Keeping your loved one in your thoughts usually translates into doing considerate and sweet little things for them throughout your day or week. Whether it’s checking in with them on a bad day, running an errand they’ve forgotten, or cooking a special dinner after a long week, doing these little things demonstrates that you care for them and their happiness. Not sure how to make up after a fight? Talk to Psychic Charlie ext. 5277 to discover how best to make up with your partner.

Planning Playtime

Come up with cute little ideas about how the two of you can steal an hour or two away from the hassles of daily life. Picnics, long walks or a romantic movie are just a few simple things you can do to spice up your romance with a little creativity. Take a walk in the neighborhood where you first met, for example.

Pamper Them

Show your appreciation for your partner by doing little things that you know will make them feel good. A back massage, breakfast in bed or setting up the bathtub for a luxurious bath are just some of the ways to pamper your sweetie.

Giving Space

Knowing your partner at a deep level means picking up on all the cues. A healthy relationship allows both people time alone and time to enjoy others. Experiences outside of your relationship allow you both to keep your individualism, thus preventing issues like codependency to crop up. Time apart also makes you appreciate your time together even more. What if them wanting space is a signal they want to break up? Talk with Psychic Karmystic ext. 9457 to get a detailed relationship reading and find out!

Tokens of Love

Sending your significant other little love reminders throughout the day can be the best medicine for those stressful or humdrum days. Love notes or love texts sent to make them smile, giggle, or warm their heart are quick, sweet ways to keep you both enthusiastic about your love relationship!

“How to keep the romance alive with your partner? Try a day of nonverbal communication. Pick a day when you’ll spend most/all of the day together at home and only communicate through hand signals, touch, and unexpected loving gestures (You never cook for her?  Now’s the time!). It’s loving and comical, which ramps up your vibrational energy. This may sound frustrating, but it works… speaking from experience.” – Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143

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